The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad company was held in Baltimore on Friday last.

Valley Register (Middleton), April 22, 1864

The Second Maryland Regiment - Complimentary Reception.

Baltimore Sun, April 14, 1864, p.1 

IMPORTANT IF TRUE - A party of refugees, just arrived, bring late intelligence from Richmond.

Annapolis Gazette, April 14, 1864, p.2

Think of It.  We trust there is no loyal man in this county so blind to his own and his State's interests that he can be induced to stay away from the polls next Wednesday...

Cecil Whig (Elkton), April 2. 1864, p.2

Major General Lew Wallace yesterday took command of the Middle Department Headquarters at Baltimore.

Annapolis Gazette, March 24, 1864, p.1