Northwood Branch

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Northwood Book Club

Celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, our book club enjoys an eclectic mix of titles spanning the whole of human Book Clubexperience.  Lively discussions and a sense of camaraderie and friendship have kept this group going strong and we always welcome new members. The group meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month from January through October, unless otherwise stated. Feel free to call or stop in and reserve a copy of the latest title.

Children’s Art Mural

As part of our recent program Artistically Speaking several of our younger patrons collaborated on two murals inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s painting Squares with Concentric Circles.  Stop by and be inspired.


Northwood Yarn Club: A Community of Yarn Artists

Saturdays have become a haven of peace and creativity; come for the chance to create and stay for the sense of community.  Our group of yarn artists meets twice a month to learn and share with each other.  Join in the group project or work on something of your own.