Maryland Department Collection and State Library Resources

About the Collection

In its role as part of the State Library Resource Center, the Department builds resources to provide statewide access to a comprehensive collection that will fill the needs of library users across Maryland. The Department serves customers at all age levels and depths of need, from students to scholars. The strength of the Maryland Department lies not only in the comprehensive nature of its collection, but also in the multiple forms of access to the information that have been developed within the Department. The collection includes query and biography files, vertical files, newspaper and other special indexes and databases in addition to conventional book materials and links to electronic search aids (e.g., Internet). An increasing number of titles in the book collection are available for circulation.

Vertical Files 
Approximately 275,000 mounts, primarily newspaper clippings that cover subjects as well as individuals, families, and businesses. Files date from the nineteen-thirties, yet there are a significant number that precede that period. The files may also include lists, bibliographies, pamphlets, government publications, and other ephemera.

Photograph Collection 
Approximately 24,000 black-and-white photographs covering persons and places in Maryland. Photos date primarily from the World War I era through the nineteen-fifties, with especially heavy emphasis on the nineteen-thirties. Many photos have accompanying negatives. Special permission is needed to reproduce photos.

Ephemera Collection 
This is a sizable historical collection of material that represents areas from around the state. The oldest item is a letter dated Baltimore Town, 1792. The majority of the items are advertisements, flyers, and catalogs. There are almost 6,000 items in this collection.

Map Collection 
There are approximately 2100 maps of Maryland and its jurisdictions, with special consideration given to Baltimore City. The maps are arranged in chronological fashion. Included in the collection are Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (1890-1984), and selected atlases of Baltimore and Maryland counties from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Maps available on the Web:
Geologic Map of Maryland (1968) 
1895 Maryland Atlas 
The Maryland State Archives map collection 
Sheridan Libraries, Special Collections - Johns Hopkins University 
Marylandia and Rare Book Department - University of Maryland, College Park 

Hundreds of journal, newsletter and magazine titles dating from the early nineteenth century to the present.


  • Picture file : Analytic index to selected illustrations in books in the Pratt Collection
  • Newspaper Indexes:

The Sun: 1891-1959; 1983-1989
Evening Sun: 1910-1955; 1983-1995
Daily Record: 1987-1996
Afro-American: 1987-1992
Baltimore Business Journal: 1988-1997
Baltimore Magazine: 1994-1997
Maryland Historical Magazine Index: 1906-1978

Special Files 

  • Postcards
  • Theater programs, 1795-
  • Music programs, 1850-
  • Opera programs
  • Election/campaign literature
  • Annual Report File
  • Prints:   A. Aubrey Bodine Collection, Don Swann, and Naylor Collection of Monuments and Sculptures in Baltimore

Real Estate 
Experian Real Estate Directories and tax assessments for the following counties:  

Anne Arundel County
Baltimore City
Baltimore County
Carroll County
Harford County
Howard County

Department of Veterans Affairs, Baltimore Regional Office 
Everything you want to know about buying a VA home is provided, including a listing of available homes.

HUD Homes Online 
A listing of available properties in Maryland, as well as how to purchase a HUD home, is provided.

Baltimore Home Buying Incentives 
These home buying incentive programs for Baltimore City are provided by Live Baltimore.

Real Property Information 
For property information, including ownership and tax assessments, try using Real Property Information from the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation. This database allows the user to search and display property records. The last sales transaction information is included.