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The Library offers customers free access to over 60 research databases. They contain scholarly journal articles, reports, images, newspapers and more, on a variety of topics. Here are a few examples:
  • Baltimore Sun Archive
  • and HeritageQuest
  • Auto Repair Reference Center
  • Value Line (investing research)
  • Learning Express Library
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Steps to Applying for a Job Online


occSTEP 1 Get an E-mail Account

Almost all online job applications require an e-mail for registration.  Here are some Web sites to help with e-mail signup.
Create a Free Gmail Account
Instructions for the beginner on how to create a Google e-mail account.
Google Mail Tutorial
Step by step instructions with visual guides on how to open a Google e-mail account.
Create a Free Yahoo Account
Step by step instructions with visual guides on how to create a Yahoo e-mail account.
Create a Free Hotmail Account
Step by step instructions with visual guides on how to create a Hotmail e-mail account.

STEP 2 Create a Resume

It is very important to have at least a simple resume already created before the online job application is filled out.  Once it is saved to a flash drive or e-mail account, it can be used over and over again to make filling out multiple applications easy.  Here are a few Web sites to try:
Quick Resume Maker
This fast, fill-in-the-blank, Web site creates a professional resume that can be printed or saved online for future updates.
Resume Samples
Good, simple, sample resumes for many different careers.
Cover Letters
A more advanced Web site focused on cover letters. Most of the samples are for college graduates and above. 

STEP 3 Fill Out an Online Job Application

Time to go online and fill out the application! If you're feeling like you need a little more help you might try:
Online Application Practice
This is a good Web site with a practice job application.


For more information about job searching and career planning, visit the Job and Career Resources page.

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