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Humanities Department
Notice: In preparation of the Central Library renovation, the Humanities Department will be moving to the Main Floor on the mezzanine level above Periodicals.
Foreign Language Dictionaries

The Collection

The Humanities Department has a collection of over 100,000 books as well as:

  • Pamphlet Play Collection—Over 6000 acting versions of play scripts
  • TV Guide local edition in paper—From 1957 to the present
  • Extensive materials for authors and poets
  • History of Film and Television
  • Materials for Bible and Qur’anic study
  • Language learning materials in both paper and audio formats. 

State Library Resources

  • Online index to Pamphlet Play collection.
  • Write Right!, a grammar email hotline.
  • Retrospective collections in religion, philosophy, literature, and library science, as well as other areas.
  • A Media Research Specialist on staff.
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