Hamilton Branch

Hamilton Branch Library Celebrating 50 Years of Service

cele_old2.jpgIn 1952 the citizens of Baltimore approved the loan which made possible the new building on Harford Road.  Construction began April 2, 1957, and the new branch, designed by Cochran, Stephenson & Wing, opened January 12, 1959.

The Hamilton Branch is celebrating 50 years of service at the present location. The first Hamilton Branch Library was opened in 1920.  The site at 3006 Hamilton Avenue celebration_hamilton.gif(Hamilton and Richard Avenue) was given by the Hamilton Improvement Association and the building was erected with funds from Andrew Carnegie.  On 12/15/20, the branch library opened with 1300 books.

Hamilton was the first Pratt branch to have shelves of steel instead of wood.

It was closed in November of 1988 for renovation, which included dropping the ceilings for lighting.  The branch was reopened February 17, 1990.

Hamilton has a collection of approximately 50,000 books, and its circulation rate is one of the highest among EPFL’s branches.