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Location Closure The Northwood and Reisterstown Road Branches are closed until further notice due to lack of air conditioning.

Location Closure The Washington Village Branch is closed until further notice due to plumbing issues.

Outdoor Wi-Fi is currently only accessible on certain sides of the following Pratt Library buildings. We’re working to boost the Wi-Fi signals at these locations, and several others, to provide free service for the community.

Drive-In Wi-Fi - hotspot logo and a Pratt branch with a car outside

Wi-Fi is available outside of these branch locations:

  • Brooklyn - 300 E. Patapsco Ave, 21225
    WiFi available on E Patapsco Avenue and on 3rd Street.
  • Edmondson Avenue - 4330 Edmondson Ave, 21229
    WiFi available on Woodridge Ave and Edmondson Ave.
  • Forest Park - 3023 Garrison Blvd, 21216
    Wi-Fi available along Garrison Blvd, Fairview Avenue, and Callaway Avenue.
  • Herring Run - 3801 Erdman Ave, 21213
    Wi-Fi available along Erdman Avenue and the shopping center parking lot.
  • Hamilton - 5910 Harford Rd, 21214
    Wi-Fi available along Harford Road and Glenmore Avenue.
  • Northwood - 4420 Loch Raven Blvd, 21218
    Wi-Fi available on all four sides.
  • Orleans Street - 1303 Orleans St, 21231
    Wi-Fi available along Orleans Street, the parking lot, Central Avenue, and N. Eden Street.
  • Patterson Park - 158 N. Linwood Ave, 21224
    Wi-Fi available along Pulaski Hwy.
  • Pennsylvania Avenue - 1531 W. North Ave, 21217
    Wi-Fi is available along North Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, and Cumberland Street.
  • Southeast Anchor - 3601 Eastern Avenue
    Wi-Fi is available along S. Conkling Street, S. Dean Street, and portions of Eastern Avenue and Fleet Street.
  • Waverly - 400 E. 33rd St, 21218
    Wi-Fi available along E. 33rd Street and Barclay Street.
  • Walbrook - 3203 W. North Ave, 21216
    Wi-Fi available along N. Ellamont Street, Hilton Parkway, and North Avenue.

You do not need a library card to access Wi-Fi. You do need to enter a password:

  • Network: epfl-wpa
  • Password: epfl-wpa

With Wi-Fi and your Pratt Library card, you can browse eBooks, eMagazines, eAudiobooks, movies, and more in our Digital Library.

Need help? Contact us.

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Community Wi Fi - Pratt Bookmobile on a Baltimore street, with Wi-Fi hotpsot logo

Community Wi-Fi

Bringing free internet access to communities across the city of Baltimore using our neighborhood outreach vehicles as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

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Sidewalk Service - staff getting a bag of library materials ready for pickup

Sidewalk Service

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