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Types of Library Card Accounts

Anyone who lives or owns property in Maryland is eligible for a free Pratt Library card; there are no age restrictions.

Out of town visitors may inquire about getting a visitor pass for computer use.

Card/Account For Limitations Special Conditions How to Apply
Library Card   Item Limits   

Library Card Form or Apply Online 

First-time borrowers   Limited to 2 books,
or 1 CD / audiocassette / DVD / Video

Library Card Form or Apply Online 

First Cards Children Age 6 and Under Only children's materials may be checked out on this card No late fees charged, but borrowers are responsible for lost or damaged items First Card Form 
Children Ages 7-12 May not borrow 16mm Films.

Reduced fines on Children's cards: 10 cents per day; maximum fine $3.00 per item

Library Card Form with parent's consent
Teens Ages13-17 May not borrow 16mm Films.

Reduced fines on Teens cards: 10 cents per day; maximum fine $3.00 per item

Library Card Form or Apply Online
Teacher Cards Baltimore City educators and registered home school parents 30 items that will circulate for 6 weeks. Materials may be renewed once for 6 more weeks. Eligible: teachers of Baltimore City public, private, and parochial schools; licensed day care centers and nursery schools; and registered home school parents (see details) Teacher Card Form
Firm Cards Companies/
For the use of a company in carrying out its work Must show ID as an authorized user Firm Card Form
Out of State Accounts Non-Maryland Residents   $50 annual fee Mail in Library Card Form with proper ID (more info) 
Other Maryland Libraries' Cards Maryland residents outside of Baltimore City   Users must register at a Pratt Library location with proper ID and other Maryland library card  

PC Access Card

Computer access only For computers, printing, and copying only   Must present identification or some document with name.
Visitors Pass  One day computer access only For computers, printing and copying only    Must present out-of-state identification 


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