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LGBTQ+ Pride

LGBTQ+ rainbow pride flag with sun breaking through the clouds in the background
Pratt staff with a rainbow LGBTQ Pride Pratt logo sign in the book stacks

That's what PRIDE means to the Pratt.

We believe that true diversity fully accepts everyone, no matter their background, gender, or sexuality. We wholeheartedly embrace the intersecting identities of our LGBTQ+ communities and welcome the 2022 PRIDE celebrations of love, life, and equality. For the Pratt, PRIDE is a time we set aside to collectively honor our LGBTQ+ community’s past, to celebrate our shared humanity, and to reflect on our country's movements to advance equal rights for all.

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confident teens at a LGBTQ+ pride parade

LGBTQ+ Pride Events

Join us for a variety of free events for all ages centered around LGBTQ+ Pride.

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Leadership - Heidi Daniel

A Message from Heidi Daniel

Read a message on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from President and CEO Heidi Daniel.