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Guidelines for Email A Question and Online Chat

Please read these guidelines for submitting Reference Questions and Books & Materials Requests before using Email-A-Question and Online Chat.

Reference Questions

When asking a question, please use the following guidelines:

  • Be specific. Providing as much information as helps the librarians to answer your questions better.
  • Answers to questions. Questions are answered by librarians, usually within 2 business days. If additional time is needed by the librarians, you will be notified.
  • Complex questions. If a question requires extensive research, the librarians may only be able to point you to sources inside and outside of the library where you may start your search.
  • Long distance calls. The librarians will call collect if the phone number provided is long distance.
  • Mailing or faxing copies. Photocopies or print outs of information can be mailed or faxed to you for a fee. Include your address or fax number with your question. A bill with the total amount of the charges will be returned with your information. Payment should be returned to the library using this bill. The prices are as follows:
    • Mailing: $2 minimum (which includes postage and approximately 7 pages), plus $.20 for each additional page.
    • Faxing: Up to 5 pages will be faxed free of charge. Additional pages can be faxed at a cost of $1 per page. A maximum of 20 pages may be faxed.

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Books & Materials Requests

If you are looking for a specific book, audio recording, or video recording at a Pratt Library, please use the following guidelines:

  • Up to 3 items per day may be requested by one person.
  • Include the Title and as much other information as possible, such as the Author, Publisher, Volume or Edition, and Publication Year.
  • Include the name of the library system and the branch at which you would like to pick up the item(s). Currently, we can only send books to branches in the following library systems:
    • Enoch Pratt Free Libraries
    • Anne Arundel County Public Libraries
    • Baltimore County Public Libraries
    • Carroll County Public Libraries
    • Cecil County Public Libraries
    • Frederick County Public Libraries
    • Harford County Public Libraries

To have books and other materials sent to other libraries, contact your local library and ask about Interlibrary Loan.

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