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Survey: Do you use Pratt Library's databases?
The Library offers customers free access to over 60 research databases. They contain scholarly journal articles, reports, images, newspapers and more, on a variety of topics. Here are a few examples:
  • Baltimore Sun Archive
  • and HeritageQuest
  • Auto Repair Reference Center
  • Value Line (investing research)
  • Learning Express Library
Please take 5 minutes to help us understand your information needs. Even if you haven't tried our databases, your input will be valuable!
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Subject Guide

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Writer: Ray Cruitt 
Editor: Katie Hutfless 
Links Last Checked: 2012-05-10 
Main Categories:
  • Automobiles 
  • Science & Technology 
Business, Science & Technology Department 
Internet Sites:
  • Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund 
  • Yahoo Auto Insurance Center 
  • Car Talk 
  • How Automobiles Work 
  • The Install Doctor 
  • Air Bag & Seat Belt Safety 
  • Center for Auto Safety 
  • National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration 
  • Edmund's Buyer's Guides 
  • EPA's Fuel Economy Guide 
  • Kelley Blue Book 
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