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Writer: Bob Burke 
Editor: Katie Hutfless 
Links Last Checked: 2010-01-19 
Main Categories:
  • History 
Sub Category:
World History 
Social Science & History Department 
Internet Sites:
  • Japanese Historical Maps 
  • Digital South Asia Library 
  • Asia for Educators 
  • The International Dunhuang Project: The Silk Road Online 
  • Internet East Asian History Sourcebook 
  • The Tibet Album: British Photography in Central Tibet 1920-1950 
  • Manas: India and Its Neighbors 
  • Internet Indian History Sourcebook 
  • Digital Himalaya 
  • Cambodian Genocide Program 
  • The Korean War 
  • Virtual Vietnam Archive 
  • Southeast Asia Visions Collection 
  • Central Asia 
  • Chinese Culture Course 
  • Central Asian Studies World Wide: Resources for the Study of Central Asia 
  • East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources 
  • History of the United East Indian Company (VOC) 
  • Internet Resources on Korea 
  • Ancient Japan 
  • Japan Via the Web 
  • The Wars for Viet Nam: 1945-1975 
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