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  • African American Studies 
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African American Department 
sports, african americans, baseball, Negro Leagues, basketball 
Internet Sites:
  • Basketball Hall of Fame: Freedom to Play: Life and Times of Basketball’s African American Pioneers 
  • Jesse Owens: The Official Web Site 
  • By Popular Demand: Jackie Robinson and Other Baseball Highlights, 1860s 1960s  
  • African-Americans in Pro Football: Pioneers, Milestones, and Firsts 
  • Negro Baseball Leagues 
  • The History Makers: the Nation's Largest African American Video Oral History Collection 
  • Negro Leagues Baseball Museum eMuseum 
  • - Negro Leagues Legacy 
  • Black Fives Foundation 
  • zinio- eMagazines 
  • Forgotten four: the integration of pro football 
  • Sports Byline USA 
  • A Negro League Scrapbook 
  • African American Sports Greats 
  • African-American Athletes 
  • Black Olympian Medalists 
  • Muhammad Ali 
  • Unforgivable Blackness