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Meeting Rooms Reservation

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Please fill out the Meeting Room Reservation Form (#90A) (PDF) (includes policy and instructions) and send it to us by e-mail or fax. (* the PDF form can be completed and sent electronically.) You will need the Adobe Reader 7 or above to open and fill the form.


For more information, please check the Meeting Room Policy & Regulations.


Central Library 

Phone: 410-396-5429
Fax: 410-385-1376

Address: 400 Cathedral St.
244-person capacity room - Wheeler Auditorium
75-person capacity room - Poe Room

Central Hall 

Phone: 410-545-3108
Fax: 410-361-9610
(Image & Details)

Address: 400 Cathedral St.
200-250 Banquet, 400 Reception
Using rooms adjoining the Central Hall can accommodate larger crowds

Brooklyn Branch 

Phone: 410-396-1120
Fax: 410-396-1698

Address: 300 E. Patapsco Ave.  
100-person capacity room

Canton Branch 

Phone: 410-396-8548
Fax: 866-580-3191

Address: 1030 S. Ellwood Avenue
30-person capacity room

Cherry Hill Branch 

Phone: 410-396-1168
Fax: 410-396-1174

Address: 606 Cherry Hill Rd.
50-person capacity room

Edmondson Avenue Branch

Phone: 410-396-0946
Fax: 410-396-0947

Address: 4330 Edmondson Ave.
50-person capacity room

Forest Park Branch 

Phone: 410-396-0942
Fax: 410-396-0945

Address: 3023 Garrison Blvd.
110-person capacity room

Govans Branch 

Phone: 410-396-6098
Fax: 410-396-6291

Address: 5714 Bellona Ave.
150-person capacity room

Hamilton Branch 

Phone: 410-396-6088
Fax: 410-396-6097

Address: 5910 Harford Rd.
140-person capacity room

Herring Run Branch 

Phone: 410-396-0996
Fax: 410-396-0997

Address: 3801 Erdman Ave.
145-person capacity room

Light St. Branch 

Phone: 410-396-1096
Fax: 410-396-1097

Address: 1251 Light St.
100-person capacity room

Northwood Branch

Phone: 410-396-6076
Fax: 410-396-6547

Address: 4420 Loch Raven Blvd.
140-person capacity room

Orleans Branch 

Phone: 410-396-0970
Fax: 410-396-0979

Address: 1303 Orleans St.
64-person capacity room

Patterson Park Branch 

Phone: 410-396-0983
Fax: 410-396-5215

Address: 158 N. Linwood Ave.
130-person capacity room

Pennsylvania Avenue Branch 

Phone: 410-396-0399
Fax: 410-396-0025

Address: 1531 W. North Ave.
125-person capacity room

Reisterstown Road Branch

Phone: 410-396-0948
Fax: 410-396-0048

Address: 6310 Reisterstown Rd.
100-person capacity room

Roland Park Branch 

Phone: 410-396-6099
Email: RLN@prattlibrary.org
Fax: 410-396-6116

Address: 5108 Roland Ave.
25-person capacity room

Southeast Anchor Library

Phone: 410-396-1580
Fax: 443-984-3942

Address: 3601 Eastern Ave.
150-person capacity room

Walbrook Branch 

Phone: 410-396-0935
Fax: 410-396-0332

Address: 3203 W. North Ave.
100-person capacity room

Waverly Branch

Phone: 410-396-6053
Fax: 866-362-7449

Address: 400 E. 33rd St.
140-person capacity room (70 with tables)