About The Library

2017 Boards of Trustees and Directors

Patricia J. Lasher, Chair (T/D)
Virginia K. Adams (T/D)
Kenneth S. Aneckstein, Esq. (D)
Lidia Paz-Baker (D)
Stephanie M. Beran (T)
Ava Lias-Booker, Esq. (D)
Calvin G. Butler, Jr., Esq. (D)
Mary H. DeKuyper (T/D)
Edward S. Delaplaine, II, Secretary (D)
Nancy Dorman (T/D)
Christine M. Espenshade (T/D)
Mychelle Farmer, M.D. (D)
Susan K. Gauvey (D)
Sandra P. Gohn, Esq. (T/D)
Nancy Hackerman (D)
Robert S. Hillman (T/D)
Jacob Hodes, Treasurer (D)
Allan D. Jensen, M.D. (T/D)
Edward N. Kane, Jr. (D)
Mark Kaufman (T/D)
Antonia Klima Keane (T/D)
Alexander W. Koff, Esq. (T/D)
Darielle Dunn Linehan (D)
Sayra Wells Meyerhoff (D)
James Dabney Miller (T/D)
Elizabeth K. Moser (T/D)
James Piper III (T)
Kate Rawson Powell, Vice Chair, Board of Directors (T/D)
Vernon A. Reid, Immediate Past Chair (T/D)
Verna Jones-Rodwell (D)
Benjamin Rosenberg, Esq., Vice Chair, Board of Trustees (T/D)
Beulah Perdue Sabundayo (D)
Paul S. Sarbanes (T/D)
Jeffrey H. Scherr (T/D)
Graylin E. Smith, Vice Chair, Board of Directors (D)
Robert L. Waldman, Esq. (D)
Anne Winter West (D)

T = Trustee
D = Director


Unless otherwise noted, the Board of Trustees meets at 6:15 p.m. at the Orleans Street Branch on above dates. Board of Directors meeting is immediately following.

A portion or all of each meeting may be held in a closed session in accordance with the Annotated Code of Maryland State Government Article 10-508 et seq.

Board Room