Summer Challenge for Groups of Kids

Summer Challenge 2019 - for groups of kids

June 12–August 14, 2019

Attention teachers, camp instructors, day care providers, and more:

Your groups that meet over the summer can participate in the Summer Challenge, too!

How it works

  1. Sign up your group at any Pratt Library location or with the Outreach staff who visit your site.
  2. Do at least one activity together each day that you meet.
  3. Earn prizes:
    • If your group meets for 4 weeks or more, children will earn prizes:
      • Halfway through your participation in Summer Challenge
      • At the end of your program, or the end of Summer Challenge (whichever is first)
    • If your group meets for less than 4 weeks, children will earn prizes:
      • At the end of your program, or the end of Summer Challenge (whichever is first)
  4. Show your group’s reading log to your library staff by the end of Summer Challenge to claim prizes.
    All prizes are while supplies last!

Reading & activity logs to download

Suggested reading

Pratt librarians' favorite picks

Prizes & giveaways

This year’s group prizes include building brick bubbles or foldable flying discs, Summer Challenge t-shirts, and certificates of completion. Ask your librarian for eligibility details.

If your group doesn’t meet over the summer

Ask your local librarian about a promotional visit to encourage children to sign up on their own!

Free summer events for children up to age 12, or the whole family