Common Problems Accessing Databases from a Remote Computer

This service requires the use of WEB PAGE REFERRALS (REFERRING URLs).
Please make sure your browser, security software and firewall allow the sending of REFERRER information.

If you experience an error when trying to connect to our databases, it is probably caused by either your browser settings or personal firewall software. Checking the following should resolve the problem.

Norton Internet Security 
Norton Internet Security has a privacy feature that can cause problems with accessing these web pages.

Zone Alarm 
This does not apply to the free version of Zone Alarm, but the registered version, Zone Alarm Pro.

Internet Explorer 6 


ARRC database - preview

Auto Repair Reference Center
Find repair information for most foreign and domestic cars.

African American Resources from Alexander Street Press (collage)

African American Resources
Beyond Black History Month: find answers to your research questions using our online databases.