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Young Adult - Teen Spirit: Novels About Faith

These books are about teens who are questioning their spiritual identities.  They include stories about many different faiths and beliefs.
Does My Head look Big in This?
Does My Head look Big in This? (2005)
Randa Abdel-Fattah

Amal’s decision to wear the hijab (head covering) shocks her modern Muslim family and forces her friends to decide how loyal they really are.

Blessings in Disguise
Blessings in Disguise (2007)
ReShonda Tate Billingsley
Four friends, successfully working through their personal problems in the church-based Good Girlz Group, are suddelnly tempted by cool clothes and easy money.  Preceded by Nothing but Drama and followed by With Friends Like These .
Harsh Pink
Harsh Pink (2007)
Melody  Carlson
When Reagan makes the varsity cheerleading squad she unwittingly incurs the wrath of the most popular girl in her new high school.  In order to regain the popularity she craves she sets out on a path of partying and backstabbing that threatens to destroy her real friendships and sense of self.  This is Book 12 in the True Colors series, which can be read in any order.
The Loud Silence of Francine Green
The Loud Silence of Francine Green (2006)
Karen  Cushman
Freedom of speech in a 1950's Catholic girls' school -- Unheard of! But that's what transfer student Sophie Bowman is demanding and timid 8th grader, Francine Green, begins to listen.
A Swift Pure Cry
A Swift Pure Cry (2006)
Siobhan Dowd
At a terrible time in her life, 15-year-old Shell finds comfort following young Father Rose's gentle path to peace.  Why then does her small Irish town believe that she and the priest are on the road to Hell?
Quaking (2007)
Kathryn Erskine
14-year-old Matilda (called Matt), fostering with a loving Quaker family, has to face down the bullies in her new high school or run away-- again!
In the Name of God
In the Name of God (2007)
Paula Jolin
A 17-year-old Syrian girl is determined to maintain her Muslim purity, even if she dies trying.
Buddha Boy
Buddha Boy (2003)
Kathe Koja
The new kid in school, skinny and bald, is bullied for his beliefs, forcing Justin, a get along kind of guy, to take a stand.
Strange Relations
Strange Relations (2007)
Sonia Levitin
While Marne is vacationing with her Hasidic family in Hawaii, the attentions of a cute surfer make her wonder if she might be a prisoner in this Garden of Eden.
Heaven Looks a Lot LIke the Mall
Heaven Looks a Lot LIke the Mall (2007)
Wendy Mass
After being smashed in the head during a dodge ball game, Tessa's past flashes before her eyes, leaving her to choose whether to live or die.
Prayed Up
Prayed Up (2008)
Stehanie Perry  Moore
Sex, gambling, and partying are easily available to college football freshman Skky Perry.  Will God give him the stength to leave his playing on the field?  Book 4 in the Skky Perry series.
Keeping Corner
Keeping Corner (2007)
Rashmira Sheth
Leela, twelve-years-old and already widowed, discovers that she will never be free again.
Forged in the Fire
Forged in the Fire (2007)
Ann Turnbull
Quakers in 1665 London suffer religious persecution, deportation, plague, and devastation by fire.  Not exactly the best time for Will and Susan to set a wedding date.  Sequel to No Shame, No Fear .
Converting Kate
Converting Kate (2007)
Becky Weinheimer
Kate is smothering under the strict, unbending rules of the Church of the Holy Divine.  Her mother, a true believer, is blind to Kate's dispair.
Blind Faith
Blind Faith (2006)
Ellen Wittlinger
Liz Scattergood's grandmother dies and her mother will not be comforted.  She turns instead to a Spiritualist church whose members believe in communing with the dead.
Once Was Lost
Once Was Lost (2009)
Sara Zarr
In her third novel, acclaimed author Sara Zarr examines the coexistence of affliction and hope, and what happens when everything you thought you believed—about God, your family, and yourself—is transformed.
A Bottle in the Gaza Sea
A Bottle in the Gaza Sea (2008)
Valerie Zenatti
The message in a bottle dropped into the Gaza Sea by an Israeli girl and scooped up by a Palestinian boy sparks a dangerous forbidden email correspondence.