Pratt Picks


Young Adult - Science Fiction Books for Teens

Ship Breaker
Ship Breaker (2010)
Paolo Bacigalupi
In a futuristic world, teenaged Nailer scavenges copper wiring from grounded oil tankers for a living, but when he finds a beached clipper ship with a girl in the wreckage, he has to decide if he should strip the ship for its wealth or rescue the girl.
The Supernaturalist
The Supernaturalist (2004)
Eoin Colfer
Escaping from a cruel orphanage that uses children as test subjects, Cosmo Hill has a near-death experience during which he sees strange blue creatures which seem to feed on the life force of humans. He is then saved by a group of people who call themselves the Supernaturalists and have taken on the task of trying to eradicate the blue “parasites” to protect the city.
The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games (2008)
Suzanne Collins
In a future North America, where the rulers of Panem maintain control through an annual televised survival competition pitting young people from each of the twelve districts against one another, sixteen-year-old Katniss's skills are put to the test when she voluntarily takes her younger sister's place. Followed by Catching Fire (2009) and Mockingjay (2010).
Girl Parts
Girl Parts (2010)
John Cusick
The lives of David, wealthy and popular but still lonely, and Charlie, a soulful outsider, intersect when Rose, the female Companion bot David's parents buy to treat his dissociative disorder, forms a bond with Charlie.
The City of Ember
The City of Ember (2003)
Jeanne DuPrau
Surrounded by an unknown area of complete darkness, the city of Ember is the only world its inhabitants know. Now the generator that powers the city’s lights is beginning to fail and the storerooms of food are running out. Lina Mayfleet finds a box of instructions in her closet that looks like it may lead to a place outside the city and her friend Doon Harrow finds a door beneath the city that may be the hope they are looking for. The story continues in The People of Sparks (2004.)
House of the Scorpion
House of the Scorpion (2002)
Nancy Farmer
On the estate where he’s raised, Matt is treated differently from other people - in fact, he isn’t treated as if he were a real person at all. This is because he is a clone of the drug lord El Patrón, brought into existence for a horrible purpose he does not suspect.
Incarceron (2010)
Catherine Fisher
To free herself from an upcoming arranged marriage, Claudia, the daughter of the Warden of Incarceron, a futuristic prison with a mind of its own, decides to help a young prisoner escape.
Gone (2008)
Michael Grant
From the co-creator of Animorphs comes a gripping new series in which everyone over the age of 14 disappears in an flash. It's a terrifying new world, and time is running out. (First book in the Gone series)
Escape from Memory
Escape from Memory (2003)
Margaret Peterson Haddix
Thinking she has nothing to hide, Kira lets her friends hypnotize her at a party and suddenly remembers herself fleeing a war-torn country with her mother, who is speaking a strange language. Now that these memories have been revealed, Kira and her mother are in serious danger.
Boom! (2010)
Mark Haddon
When Jim and Charlie overhear two of their teachers talking in a secret language and the two friends set out to solve the mystery, they do not expect the dire consequences of their actions.
Taylor Five
Taylor Five (2004)
Ann Halam
Tay is an unusual child, one of the first human clones, a copy of the scientist Pam Taylor. She also has an unusual childhood, growing up with her adoptive family on an orangutan reservation in Borneo. When rebels attack the reserve, she escapes with her brother and an intelligent orangutan named Uncle and must flee through the jungle to survive.
The Lab
The Lab (2010)
Jack Heath
When Agent Six, a member of The Deck, a group fighting against their corrupt society, discovers that he is the product of an illegal experiment by the evil Lab, he takes dangerous steps to discover the truth about himself. Followed by Remote Control (2010).
I Am Number Four
I Am Number Four (2010)
Pittacus Lore
In rural Ohio, friendships and a beautiful girl prove distracting to a fifteen-year-old who has hidden on Earth for ten years waiting to develop the Legacies, or powers, he will need to rejoin the other six surviving Garde members and fight the Mogadorians who destroyed their planet, Lorien. Book one of the Lorien Legacies.
The Messenger
The Messenger (2004)
Lois Lowry
Due to the changes that have come over the area and made the forest hostile, the village where Matty acts as messenger is closing itself off from the outside world. Matty has grown up under the care of blind Seer and must travel to find Seer’s daughter Kira and convince her to return to the village before it is too late. Sequel to The Giver and Gathering Blue.
Flip (2003)
David Lubar
Underachiever Ryan and his perfectionist twin sister Taylor find alien disks in the woods, which when used properly give them the power of famous people from the past. This results in a lot of fun but ends up getting them into more trouble than ever.
Vulture's Wake
Vulture's Wake (2010)
Kirsty Murray
In a future Australia, Callum and Bo, perhaps the only female survivor of a bird virus, travel through a lawless, battle-ridden landscape as Callum seeks his fathers and Bo tries to find a place to belong.
The Knife of Never Letting Go
The Knife of Never Letting Go (2009)
Patrick Ness
Pursued by power-hungry Prentiss and mad minister Aaron, young Todd and Viola set out across New World searching for answers about his colony's true past and seeking a way to warn the ship bringing hopeful settlers from Old World. The first book of the Chaos Walking trilogy, followed by The Ask and the Answer (2010).
Birthmarked (2010)
Caragh M. O'Brien
In a future world baked dry by the sun and divided into those who live inside the wall and those who live outside it, sixteen-year-old midwife Gaia Stone is forced into a difficult choice when her parents are arrested and taken into the city.
Unwind (2007)
Neal Shusterman
In a future world where those between the ages of thirteen and eighteen can have their lives "unwound" and their body parts harvested for use by others, three teens go to extreme lengths to uphold their beliefs--and, perhaps, save their own lives.
Life on Mars: Tales from a New Frontier
Life on Mars: Tales from a New Frontier
Jonathan Strahan

   A collection of twelve original stories that explore the possibility of being able to travel to and live on Mars.


The Comet's Curse
The Comet's Curse (2009)
Dom Testa
Desperate to save the human race after a comet's deadly particles devastate the adult population, scientists create a ship that will carry a crew of 251 teenagers to a home in a distant solar system. The first book in the Galahad series.
Skinned (2008)
Robin Wasserman
To save her from dying in a horrible accident, Lia's wealthy parents transplant her brain into a mechanical body. Followed by Crashed (2009) and Wired (2010).
Leviathan (2009)
Scott Westerfeld
In an alternate 1914 Europe, fifteen-year-old Austrian Prince Alek, on the run from the Clanker Powers who are attempting to take over the globe using mechanical machinery, forms an uneasy alliance with Deryn who, disguised as a boy to join the British Air Service, is learning to fly genetically-engineered beasts.  Followed by Behemoth (2010).