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Young Adult - Fantasy Fiction for Teens

The Keepers' Tattoo
The Keepers' Tattoo (2010)
Gill Arbuthnott
Months before her fifteenth birthday, Nyssa learns that she is a special member of a legendary clan, the Keepers of Knowledge, as she and her uncle try to escape from Alaric, the White Wolf, who wants to use lines tattooed on her to destroy the rest of her people.
ArchEnemy (2009)
Frank Beddor
Virtuous Queen Alyss, who has lost the power of imagination, and her murderous aunt Redd battle for control of Wonderland.  The third book in the series, after The Looking Glass Wars (2006) and Seeing Redd (2007).
Player's Ruse
Player's Ruse (2010)
Hilari Bell
In alternate chapters, eighteen-year-old Sir Michael Sevenson, an anachronistic knight errant, and seventeen-year-old Fisk, his street-wise squire, relate their journey to Huckerston, a port town where dangerous bandits are raiding merchant ships.  The third book of the Knight and Rogue series, following The Last Knight (2007) and Rogue's Home (2008).
Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror
Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror (2010)
Jennifer Finney Boylan
Thirteen-year-old Quinn believes he is fairly normal until he is spirited away from his grandmother's house to the Academy for Monsters, where he leads his new friends in rebelling against the faculty's agenda of suppressing students' true natures.
Fire (2009)
Kristin Cashore
In a kingdom called the Dells, Fire is the last human-shaped monster, with unimaginable beauty and the ability to control the minds of those around her, but even with these gifts she cannot escape the strife that overcomes her world.
Sebastian Darke: Prince of Explorers
Sebastian Darke: Prince of Explorers (2010)
Philip Caveney
Sebastian and his companions are hired by a rich merchant to seek out the legendary lost city of Mendip, a quest that is challenged by fierce jungle tribes, warrior beasts, and the pleas of a beautiful girl. The third book in the Sebastian Darke series, after Prince of Fools (2008) and Prince of Pirates (2009).
The Fatal Child
The Fatal Child (2009)
John Dickinson
The fugitive prince Ambrose finally takes his rightful place as king in the hope of finding a way to bring happiness to the Princess Atti, whom he loves, and freeing his land and subjects from the curse of the goddess Beyah.  Sequel to The Cup of the World (2004) and The Widow of the King (2005).
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn (2008)
Alison Goodman
Sixteen-year-old Eon hopes to become an apprentice to one of the twelve energy dragons of good fortune and learn to be its main interpreter, but to do so will require much, including keeping secret that she is a girl.
The Lost Conspiracy
The Lost Conspiracy (2009)
Francis Hardinge
When a lie is exposed and their tribe turns against them, Hathin must find a way to save her sister Arilou--once considered the tribe's oracle--and herself.
House of Many Ways
House of Many Ways (2008)
Diana Wynne Jones
When Charmain is asked to housesit for Great Uncle William, the Royal Wizard of Norland, she is ecstatic to get away from her parents, but finds that his house is much more than it seems. Sequel to Howl's Moving Castle (1986) and Castle in the Air (1991).
Destiny's Path
Destiny's Path (2009)
Frewin Jones
When fifteen-year-old Princess Branwen tries to turn away from her destiny as the one who will save Wales from the Saxons, the Shining Ones send an owl in the form of a young girl called Blodwedd to guide her and Rhodri on the right path. Sequel to Warrior Princess (2009).
Ash (2009)
Malinda Lo
In this variation on the Cinderella story, Ash grows up believing in the fairy realm that the king and his philosophers have sought to suppress, until one day she must choose between a handsome fairy cursed to love her and the King's Huntress whom she loves.
The Squire's Quest
The Squire's Quest (2009)
Gerald Morris
Terence worries about the lengthy absence of his faery friends as he travels to Greece to aid the Emperor Alexander and attempts to thwart a nefarious plot by Mordred to assume the throne held by King Arthur. Sequel to The Squire's Tale (1998).
Brisingr (2008)
Christopher Paolini
The further adventures of Eragon and his dragon Saphira as they continue to aid the Varden in the struggle against the evil king, Galbatorix. Book 3 of Inheritance, following Eragon (2003) and The Eldest (2005).
Rampant (2009)
Diana Peterfreund
After sixteen-year-old Astrid Llewelyn survives a vicious unicorn attack, she learns that she is a descendant of the most famous unicorn hunter of all time and she must travel to Rome, Italy, to train in the ancient arts in order to carry on her family legacy and save the world from the threat posed by the reemergence of lethal unicorns.
Nation (2008)
Terry Pratchett
After a devastating tsunami destroys all that they have ever known, Mau, an island boy, and Daphne, an aristocratic English girl, together with a small band of refugees, set about rebuilding their community and all the things that are important in their lives.
Discordia (2009)
Dena K. Salmon
Lance is addicted to the online computer game Discordia, but when he's recruited to a guild by an upper-level player, things get weird - he wakes up in the actual world of Discordia, where the quest he needs to carry out will have real consequences.
The Necromancer
The Necromancer (2010)
Michael Scott
Back in London, fifteen-year-old twins Sophie and Josh Newman must determine whom they can and cannot trust as they search for both Scatty and an immortal who can teach Josh the magic of fire, while Doctor Dee and Machiavelli continue to seek power. The fourth book of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, following The Alchemyst, The Magician, and The Sorceress.
The Scorpio Races
The Scorpio Races (2011)
Maggie Stiefvater

When the carnivorous capaill uisce, or water horses, rise from the sea each year, the island men prepare to prove their brawn and courage by outrunning the deadly beasts. And now, Kate, the first girl to enter the race, is determined to win it, facing fierce competition from Sean, to whom she is strangely attracted. Intense action, riveting suspense, and two determined protagonists make this a competition to remember. -School Library Journal


Daughter of Smoke & Bone
Daughter of Smoke & Bone (2011)
Laini Taylor
Seventeen-year-old Karou, a lovely, enigmatic art student in a Prague boarding school, carries a sketchbook of hideous, frightening monsters--the chimaerae who form the only family she has ever known.