Pratt Picks


Fiction - Gay and Lesbian Novels

Someone Like You
Someone Like You (2006)
Timothy James Beck
Looking for some independence from his rich boyfriend, Derek Anderson gets a job at the Mall of the Universe and grows through the new friendships he forms there.
When the Stars Come Out
When the Stars Come Out (2006)
Rob Byrnes
Noah Abraham is suffering from writer’s block when he’s introduced to Bart Gustafson, personal assistant to ex-movie star Quinn Scott.  Quinn may be willing to let Noah help write his tell-all memoirs, but a powerful Hollywood player - Quinn’s ex-wife Kitty - isn’t about to let this book see the light of day.
The Sky Below
The Sky Below (2009)
Stacy D'Erasmo
When Gabriel Collins was a small child, his father left and his family lost their home.  He is now a self-centered artist living in New York, but has not resolved his feelings of rootlessness.
Landing (2007)
Emma Donogue
When Canadian Jude Turner flies for the first time and meets Irish flight attendant Síle O’Shaunessy, the seeds of a long-distance relationship are planted, a relationship challenged by the deep attachment each woman feels to the place in which she lives.
Light Fell
Light Fell (2008)
Evan Fallenberg
After an affair with a married rabbi, Israeli professor Joseph Licht left his family and his religious community.  Now, twenty years later, as his 50th birthday nears, he hopes to reconnect with his five sons.
The Road Home
The Road Home (2010)
Michael Thomas Ford

After a car accident, Burke Crenshaw returns to his home town in Vermont to recuperate. He delves into a Civil War-era mystery while at the same time exploring his sense of self and unresolved feelings about his family.

Map of Ireland
Map of Ireland (2008)
Stephanie Grant
In the 1970’s, during the height of tension due to the desegregation of Boston schools, Irish-American teenager Ann develops a crush on her teacher Mademoiselle Eugénie, a French woman of African descent.
Always (2007)
Nicola Griffith
Self-defense teacher Aud Torvingen (previously seen in The Blue Place and Stay) travels to Seattle to investigate what seems to be real estate fraud but turns out to be something much more complicated.
In My Father's House
In My Father's House (2010)
E. Lynn Harris
After Bentley L. Dean III came out as a bisexual, his father cut him off from the family fortune. Bentley runs into complications when he tries to raise cash by broadening the services offered by his Miami modeling agency.
The Mirror and the Mask
The Mirror and the Mask (2009)
Ellen Hart
Minneapolis restaurateur and part-time investigator Jane Lawless agrees to help Annie Archer’s lost stepfather, not knowing that doing so will uncover all kinds of dangerous secrets.
Black Marks
Black Marks (2006)
Kristen Hoyte
Thirty-something librarian Georgette Collins finds that she cannot remember her past.  Digging into her childhood spent in America and Jamaica, she works to uncover what caused her loss of memory.
My Lucky Star
My Lucky Star (2006)
Joe Keenan
When writer Philip Cavanaugh and his friend Claire move to L.A. because their friend Gilbert has gotten them a “great job”, they find that if Gilbert offers them something that sounds too good to be true, that is in fact the case.
The Family Man
The Family Man (2009)
Elinor Lipman
Henry Archer, who came out of the closet after an ill-fated marriage, tries to reconnect with the stepdaughter he hasn’t seen in years and help her acting career while simultaneously dealing with the machinations of his ex-wife Denise.
Fellow Travelers
Fellow Travelers (2007)
Thomas Mallon
In the 1950’s, idealistic young intern Timothy Laughlin begins an affair with State Department official Hawkins Fuller and must keep it secret during the dangerously paranoid McCarthy era.
Brendan Wolf
Brendan Wolf (2007)
Brian Malloy
Trapped in a dead-end job and desperately in need of money, Brendan Wolf falls prey to the plots of those around him and agrees to participate in an ill-advised scam.
Red Audrey and the Roping
Red Audrey and the Roping (2008)
Jill Malone
Recovering from an accident that left her in a coma, Jane Elliot must sort through the memories of the various failed relationships she has left behind her and come to terms with her mother’s suicide.
Michael Tolliver Lives
Michael Tolliver Lives (2007)
Armistead Maupin
Michael Tolliver, a character from Maupin’s Tales of the City series, is now in his fifties and still living in San Francisco, thankful for the good things he has in his life and dealing with the changes.
Insignificant Others
Insignificant Others (2010)
Stephen McCauley
Richard Rossi is worried that his partner Conrad is drifting away from him into a new relationship, though Richard himself is having an affair with a married man. To work this out, he's going to have to figure out what he really wants.
Death of a Dying Man
Death of a Dying Man (2009)
J. M. Redmann
New Orleans Private Investigator Micky Knight agrees to help find the missing child of a dying man.  Her work is complicated by a gorgeous reporter who insists on being her assistant and by the coming of Hurricane Katrina.
Now is the Hour
Now is the Hour (2006)
Tom Spanbauer
In 1967, Rigby John Klusener, about to leave the small, close-minded town in Idaho he grew up in, reflects back on his childhood and how he has come to this point.
Carly's Sound
Carly's Sound (2006)
Ali Vali
Poppy Valente, owner of a line of resorts, is still mourning her partner, who died two years earlier.  At her newest resort, Carly’s Sound, she meets Julia, a woman searching for direction in life with whom Poppy begins to feel she shares a bond.
The Night Watch
The Night Watch (2006)
Sarah Waters
During World War II, the lives of a group of men and women living in London are followed back in time, revealing the sources of their motivations, loves, and present circumstances.
Suspension (2006)
Robert Westfield
After two traumatic events - his boyfriend leaves him without giving a reason, and he is randomly assaulted in the street - Andy Green refuses to leave his apartment for six months.  When he emerges, he finds a New York transformed by 9/11 and lives that have continued without him.
Schooled in Murder
Schooled in Murder (2008)
Mark Richard Zubro
Sneaking out of an interminable high school faculty meeting, teacher Tom Mason finds himself the top suspect in a murder. He and husband Scott Carpenter need to find the actual culprit hiding beneath the lies and infighting of the fractious faculty.