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Fiction - African American Faith-Based Fiction

A Million Blessings
A Million Blessings (2010)
This is a trio of novellas by Angela Benson, Marilynn Griffith, and Tia McCollors. Shelved under title.
More Church Folk
More Church Folk (2010)
Michele Andrea Bowen
The Reverend Theophilus Simmons, now married with three children and ministering to a congregation in Memphis, must face off against a sleazy den of corrupt clergy, who are illegally tapping church funds and trying to buy enough power to run a mega-church. Sequel to Church Folk.
He's Saved...But Is He For Real?
He's Saved...But Is He For Real? (2008)
Kimberley Brooks
In this sequel to He’s Fine—But Is He Saved? (2004) Michelle, Liz and Sandy are learning that a good, saved man isn't always easy to find—but he's definitely worth waiting for.
Illusions (2009)
Wanda B. Campbell
Pastor Bryce Hightower and First Lady Denise have been married for three years. Life is great until Denise discovers that Bryce has an addiction that could ruin their marriage and his position as a pastor, an addiction that Denise agrees to keep a secret.
Don't Blame the Devil
Don't Blame the Devil (2010)
Pat G'Orge-Walker
Singer Delilah Jewel must rely on her faith in God when her old flame, an ex-convict who has traded in his gangster ways for a Bible, threatens to expose Delilah's shocking past.
Rhythms of Grace
Rhythms of Grace (2008)
Marilynn Griffith
Grace Okoye was a promising young dancer when her career was cut short by a brutal assault that left her scarred for life. Twenty years later, she heeds the invitation of her dance instructor and returns to her hometown to teach dance in a charter school.   She meets a man who she is attracted to; however, for all they share in common, the biggest thing in Grace's life is noticeably absent in his — faith.
The Truth Is the Light
The Truth Is the Light (2010)
Vanessa Davis Griggs
As the son of a well-known minister, Clarence Walker knows his decision to leave his father's flock and join Pastor George Landris's mega-church ministry is a controversial one. But little does he suspect it will ignite a firestorm of revelations that will shake the heart of the congregation - and his very own family. And the most shocking of all is that Clarence's own father may not be the pious figure he claims to be. Sixth in the series.
Chosen (2009)
Patricia Haley
After Dave Mitchell abandoned his wife and business partner, Madeline, and their four children for a younger woman, the battle between his two families began. Dave's oldest son, Don, had been groomed from birth to take over his father's business. Nothing prepared Don for the shock of his father's decision to appoint his inexperienced half brother, Joel, as CEO of the multimillion dollar ministry.
Sunday Brunch Diaries
Sunday Brunch Diaries (2008)
Norma Jarrett
In this sequel to Sunday Brunch (2004) five women, all lawyers and longtime friends, gather for brunch on Sundays and take time to share stories, console one another and help each other to keep their faith through trying times.
God Only Knows
God Only Knows (2009)
Xavier Knight
When Julia Turner returns to Dayton, Ohio to serve as principal of Christian Light, the private school from which she graduated two decades earlier, she never expects to confront the one sin she and her childhood friends agreed to bury as teens — the accident that left Eddie Walker hospitalized and incapacitated.
The List
The List (2009)
Sherri Lewis
Michelle, Angela, and Lisa, three saved, successful, and attractive women, believe they’re too old to wait on God any longer to send their soul mates, and they go on a hilarious adventure to “be found” by their future husbands.
Heaven Forbid
Heaven Forbid (2010)
Luteisha Lovely
While the members of Gospel Truth Church hope their new pastor, Reverend Doctor O, will get them back on the path to righteousness, Passion Lee turns to the pastor's wife for advice on saving her marriage. Are they looking for help in the wrong place?
Before Redemption
Before Redemption (2009)
Teresa McClain-Watson
After a night of passion with bad-boy, gangster, and club owner Dino Cochran Nikki Lucas finds herself pregnant and deeply in love.  When she discovers that Dino is married, Nikki is devastated.  Sixteen years later Dino and Nikki’s paths cross, and now Dino is Bishop Walter Dean Cochran.
Yesterday's Promise
Yesterday's Promise (2010)
Vanessa Miller
Melinda Johnson faces a tough decision: she can stay at Omega Church, where her ex-fiance is the new pastor, & re-build their relationship, or she can move to a church that she can lead herself. First in the Second Chance at Love series.
Wearing My Halo Tilted
Wearing My Halo Tilted (2008)
Stephanie Perry Moore
When a book she has written is adapted into a play, Shari Maddox jumps straight into the arms of temptation when she falls for the lead star, forcing her to set things straight with her husband and the Lord.
Sins of the Mother
Sins of the Mother (2010)
Victoria Christopher Murray
The disappearance of her four-year-old daughter mightily tests not only Jasmine's Christian faith but also her marriage to the Reverend Hosea Bush, as she finds herself turning from him towards the child's natural father. Fifth in the Jasmine Larson series.
The Lyons Den
The Lyons Den (2009)
Kendra Norman-Bellamy
Stuart Lyons is a police officer who is receiving threatening letters and being harassed by a “Dr. A.H. Satan.”  The plot thickens when Stuart signs up with a Christian on-line dating service and meets Candice. Is she all that she seems to be? Third in the Shelton Heights series.
Be Careful What You Pray For
Be Careful What You Pray For (2010)
Kimberla Lawson Roby
After her husband's lying ways come to light and her dream marriage unravels, Reverend Black's daughter Alicia faces big decisions. Seventh in the Reverend Curtis Black series.
In the Midst of It All
In the Midst of It All (2010)
Tiffany Warren
After Zenovia has cared for her schizophrenic mother for years, a church called Brethren of the Sacrifice shatters their world.