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Fiction - African American Authors

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All about Eva
All about Eva (2010)
Deidre Berry
Penniless and ostracized by the New York jet set after her sugar daddy abandons her, Eva reinvents her life.
32 Candles
32 Candles (2010)
Ernessa T. Carter
After suffering unrequited love for high school heartthrob James, Davie runs away to Hollywood and becomes a singing sensation.  When James turns up and falls in love with her, a fairy tale ending seems in reach--until her past catches up with her.
Till You Hear from Me
Till You Hear from Me (2010)
Pearl Cleage
Just when it appears that all her hard work on Barack Obama's presidential campaign is about to pay off with a White House job, 35-year-old Ida B. Wells Dunbar finds herself on Washington, D.C.'s post-election sidelines. She returns home to Atlanta, and her controversial civil rights icon father, Reverend Horace A. Dunbar.
Uptown (2010)
Virginia DeBerry, Donna Grant
When money, power, and respect are at stake, a Harlem family's bonds are strained to the breaking point.
Tempted by Trouble
Tempted by Trouble (2010)
Eric Jerome Dickey
After joining a crime ring to pay off some bills and partnering with a dangerous woman, Dmytryk finds it hard to resume life on the right side of the law.
Damaged (2010)
Kia DuPree
Camille Logan is forced into a brutal life on the streets of Washington, D.C., where she is controlled by a pimp until an unexpected event leads her on a path of vengeance. She will have to play one last game before she can escape.
Don't Blame the Devil
Don't Blame the Devil (2010)
Pat G'Orge-Walker
Singer Delilah Jewel must rely on her faith in God when her old flame, an ex-convict who has traded in his gangster ways for a Bible, threatens to expose Delilah's shocking past.
Trouble Down the Road
Trouble Down the Road (2010)
Bettye Griffin
Micheline, the wife of her husband's golf buddy, wants to steal Suzanne's husband from her. Can Suzanne keep him?
In My Father's House
In My Father's House (2010)
E. Lynn Harris
Bentley L. Dean III, the bisexual owner of a Miami modeling agency, struggles to save an 18-year-old boy from an abusive affair with a closeted gay celebrity.
What Mother Never Told Me
What Mother Never Told Me (2010)
Donna Hill
When Parris journeys to France to meet her mother, who she has long believed was dead, she also discovers two life-changing friends.
Married on Mondays
Married on Mondays (2010)
Valerie, Deirdra, and Foxy are happy with their double lives--lawyers by day, runners of a swingers club by night--until the police chief gives Foxy a choice: sleep with him or go to jail.
A Second Helping
A Second Helping (2010)
Beverly Jenkins
If ever a town institution needed rescuing, it's the beloved Dog and Cow diner. Still, town philanthropist Bernardine Brown finds there are other distractions pulling her from the task at hand. Sequel to Bring On the Blessings.
Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It
Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It (2010)
J. D. Mason
At their 30-year high school reunion, three women find that they have much more in common now than when they were teenagers. As they share secrets, they are forced to band together before their lives fall apart.
Glorious (2010)
Bernice L. McFadden
Following her dreams, Easter Venetta Bartlett, a fictional Harlem Renaissance writer, encounters heartache, scandal, and success.
The Secrets of Newberry
The Secrets of Newberry (2010)
Victor McGlothin
In 1970s Louisiana, happily married, law-abiding citizen Hampton Bynote feels far away from the 1950s, when he committed small crimes with Bones Arcineaux.  But Bones re-enters his life, along with more serious trouble.
Getting to Happy
Getting to Happy (2010)
Terry McMillan
Savannah contemplates divorce, Bernadine succumbs to painkiller addiction after a second husband's swindle, Robin falls into shopaholism, and Gloria confronts profound change after a fateful event. Sequel to Waiting to Exhale.
God Ain't Through Yet
God Ain't Through Yet (2010)
Mary Monroe
With her husband moving out, her daughter associating with a wild crowd, and an old flame tempting her, can Annette keep her family together?  Fifth in the God Don't Like Ugly series.
Darius Jones
Darius Jones (2010)
Mary B. Morrison
After an accident with a drunk driver leaves his wife, Fancy, in a coma, pro-basketball player Darius Jones must fend off the mother of his son, who is fighting for primary custody, as well as a relentless groupie, who is using Fancy's absence to try to become part of Darius's life. The finale of the Soulmates series and the Honey Thomas series.
Known to Evil
Known to Evil (2010)
Walter Mosley
Alfonse Rinaldo, the fixer who seems to control every little thing that happens in New York City, has a problem that even he can't fix--and he's come to Leonid McGill for help. A young woman has disappeared, leaving murder in her wake, and it means everything to Rinaldo to track her down. Second in the Leonid McGill series.
The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey
The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey (2010)
Walter Mosley
After volunteering for a medical experiment that removes his dementia but shortens his life, a 91-year-old uses his last days to solve the mystery of the drive-by shooting death of his great-nephew.
Sins of the Mother
Sins of the Mother (2010)
Victoria Christopher Murray
The disappearance of her four-year-old daughter mightily tests not only Jasmine's Christian faith but also her marriage to the Reverend Hosea Bush, as she finds herself turning from him towards the child's natural father. Fifth in the Jasmine Larson series.
Playing Hard to Get
Playing Hard to Get (2010)
Grace Octavia
Three best friends in New York City navigate troubles with men. Attorney Tamia wishes her relationship would go somewhere, while Tasha, wife of a Knicks superstar, and Troy, wedded to a Baptist pastor, worry about their marriages. Sequel to Take Her Man.
Spring Break
Spring Break
Kayla Perrin
Although their trip to Artula started the way any trip should, Chanetelle and her friends find their vacation in jeopardy as old rivalries and new jealousies come to light. When Ashley disappears, is it a random act of violence-- or something more sinister?
When I Get Where I'm Going
When I Get Where I'm Going (2010)
Cheryl Robinson
When two sisters discover a new closeness to each other and a third, never-before-known sister, they also find the strength to overcome big personal challenges.
Be Careful What You Pray For
Be Careful What You Pray For (2010)
Kimberla Lawson Roby
After her husband's lying ways come to light and her dream marriage unravels, Reverend Black's daughter Alicia faces big decisions. Seventh in the Reverend Curtis Black series.
The Midnight Show Murders
The Midnight Show Murders (2010)
Al Roker
When an explosion kills the host of a new TV show during a taping in Los Angeles, professional chef Billy Blessing, who had a part in the show, turns sleuth. Sequel to The Morning Show Murders.
Some Sing, Some Cry
Some Sing, Some Cry (2010)
Ntozake Shange, Ifa Bayeza
Music helps empower women from seven generations of the Mayfield family in this saga that sprawls from the Jim Crow era to the Civil Rights movement and from Charleston to Harlem.
The Ex Chronicles
The Ex Chronicles (2010)
Carol Taylor
It's sass and the city as four 30-ish New York City pals navigate the perils of bad relationships, single city living, and the prospect of happily ever after.
Un-Nappily in Love
Un-Nappily in Love (2010)
Trisha Thomas

When the media rumors a romance between her movie star husband, Jake, and his new co-star & old flame, Sirena, Venus Parsons fights for her marriage. Fifth in the Venus Johnston series.


From Cape Town with Love
From Cape Town with Love (2010)
Blair Underwood, Tananarive Due, and Steven Barnes
During a trip to South Africa, actor-turned-detective Tennyson races to save the life of a Hollywood star's newly adopted child. Third in the Tennyson Hardwick series.
Red Hats
Red Hats (2010)
Damon Wayans
Husbandless and far from her grown children, Alma feels depressed and lonely until she meets the Red Hatters.
Big Girls Do Cry
Big Girls Do Cry (2010)
Carl Weber
When plus-sized beauty Isis and her sister, Egypt, start a new chapter of the Big Girls Book Club in Richmond, Virginia, drama follows them everywhere as they deal with family issues, scandalous new members, and betrayal.
Torn Between Two Lovers
Torn Between Two Lovers (2010)
Carl Weber
Although Loraine Farrow, one of Virginia's most successful women, tries to focus on her marriage to Leon, her ex-lover Michael refuses to let her go--especially when he discovers that Leon is hiding a dark secret that could break up their marriage.
Gone Too Far
Gone Too Far (2010)
Angela Winters

Whether it's a scandalous affair or a troubled marriage, engagement, or divorce, love poses problems for the wealthy, powerful Chases. Fifth in the View Park series.