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eReaders FAQs


General Information

1. What is an eReader?
An eReader is a device used for reading ebooks/electronic books. Examples of eReaders include Nooks from Barnes & Noble and Kindles from Amazon. Effective August 10, 2011 Pratt will begin circulating Barnes and Noble Nooks.

2. Why is Pratt lending eReaders?
To provide Pratt customers with the opportunity to experience the technology of eReaders. 

3. Where can I check out an eReader?
eReaders can be checked out from the Central Library and all Branches.


Borrowing Information

4. How old do I have to be to checkout an eReader?
Customers must be 18 years old with valid government issued photo ID and an Enoch Pratt Free Library card in good standing (no fines over $4.00).  Note: Library card must have been issued at least 30-days prior to checking out an eReader.

5. How long can I borrow an eReader?
eReaders can be checked out for three weeks.

6. Can eReaders be renewed?
eReaders can be renewed three times as long as there are no holds.

7. Where can I return an eReader?
eReaders can be returned to any Enoch Pratt Free Library location and must be returned directly to a staff member. The device may NOT be returned in a bookdrop pr be returned to other library systems. NOTE: Customers who return eReaders in a bookdrop will be charged a $25.00 minimum fee for unnecessary risk to the device.

8. What is the fine for returning an eReader late?
The fine for returning an eReader late is $2.00 per day (maximum fine $30.00). 
NOTE: Customers with eReaders that are 14 days overdue will be charged the full replacement price and will be referred to a collection agency and ultimately may be sent to the three major credit bureaus. An additional $10.00 nonrefundable collection fee will also be added to the account.

9. How can I find eReaders in the catalog?
Search the catalog for “eReader” or “Nook.”

10. How do I place a hold on an eReader? 
        • Search the catalog for “eReader” or “Nook.” 
        • Select a pickup location and then click “Place Hold.” 
        • Type in your library card number and your PIN. 
        • Select pick up location.
        • Click the “Place Hold” button at the bottom of the screen.


Titles Available on Pratt eReaders

11. Are titles pre-loaded on to the eReader?
There are twenty-two titles preloaded onto the eReaders, including 18 adult titles (classics, fiction and nonfiction), two young adult titles, and two children’s titles.

12. Are the same titles on each eReader?
Each eReader includes the same titles.

13. Can I purchase and/or download additional titles?
No. Only preselected titles will be available on the eReaders. Customers will not be able to purchase or download additional titles.

14. Can I download an ebook from Overdrive to the eReader?
No. Customers will only be able to view/read the pre-loaded titles.


Use and Care of eReaders

15. How often will I have to charge the eReader?
The battery lasts about ten hours. This may vary with individual usage.

16. How do I charge the eReader?
It is important to keep the eReader charged. When the battery charge is low, about 15 percent, it will display a message to charge it. To charge, plug the eReader into an outlet using the included Power Adapter and USB Cable. You can use the eReader while it charges. When the light turns off, it is fully charged.

17. How do I make the print bigger?
While reading any book, scroll down and select Preferences, then text size. Select the desired font size.

18. What else can the eReader do?
Customers using Pratt eReaders will only be able to read pre-loaded titles. For more information on the full capability of Nooks and other eReaders, please visit ebooks 101.

19. Can I access my email from an eReader?
No. It is not possible to access email from Pratt eReaders.



20. How do I clean the eReader?
Use a soft, micro-fiber cloth to clean and wipe your display screens.
Do not use any chemicals to clean your displays.

21. What do I do if the eReader is not working correctly?
For questions about the eReaders please contact  any of our branches.


For the eReader Loan Agreement Form and more details on borrowing eReaders, please visit the eReaders for Loan page.