Pratt Profile: Jessica and the Super Sad True Love Story

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Jessica KeyesYour name?
Jessica Keyes

Your age?

Your local branch?
Waverly Branch

Your favorite spot in the library?
Sitting at the piano in Wheeler auditorium.

What are you currently reading?
Uncle Tungsten by Oliver Sacks.

What book would you recommend to readers right now, and why?
Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart. It portrays a dystopian future in which nothing is private and everyone sees the world through their mobile devices. It rang so true that it could easily be just 10 years in the future. Also, while the main characters are a bit difficult to like, the writing style is very compelling and totally pulled me in.

What is one book you could not finish, and why?
Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie. I got bored when they left Pakistan and the main character couldn't talk to the other children any more.

What are your job title and location?
Assistant Web Manager, Central Library

What does your job entail?
I manage Pratt Chat and the staff intranet, I make updates to our websites, and I manage site redesigns and other Web projects.

Describe your typical workday:
I respond to email, publish the day's blog post, correspond with bloggers, attend meetings, design things in Photoshop, write computer code, and edit the websites.

Describe up to three things you like about working in the library:
I really enjoy working with the Web team, the Central Library architecture, and the amazing group of people who contribute to Pratt Chat.

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