10 Library Services You Should Be Using

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By Anjanette Wiggins

10. Self-CheckoutSelf-checkout station at Southeast Anchor Branch
For customers who prefer self-service, self-checkout is available at five branches: Reisterstown Road, Northwood, Roland Park, Orleans Street, Edmondson Avenue, and Southeast Anchor Library. Self-checkout stations allow customers to scan their library cards, then scan the books, and a receipt prints out with the due date. This is a quick, convenient way to get library materials.

9. Pratt Computer Classes
For those who need to learn about computers, Pratt has free computer classes at six different locations: Central Library, Northwood Branch, Southeast Anchor Library, Orleans Street Branch, Pennsylvania Avenue Branch, and Walbrook Branch. The classes cover topics ranging from the basics to advanced skills for experienced computer users.

8. Circulating E-Readers
The world of digital reading expands every day. Pratt has e-readers customers can check out to begin becoming familiar with the digital reading experience. Nooks can be checked out from any Pratt location, and come preloaded with 22 titles.

7. Maryland Digital eLibrary Consortium
Once you have become comfortable with digital reading, check out the virtual library collection of e-books and digital audiobooks available through the Maryland Digital eLibrary Consortium website. This statewide collection is a joint effort of the public library systems in Maryland to provide customers with an enhanced selection of digital reading materials to download to their computers, e-readers and mobile devices.

6. Résumé Review
Pratt offers a résumé review service by appointment. Call (410)396-5317 to schedule an appointment, bring in a copy of your current résumé, and a librarian in the Job & Career Information Center at Central Library will review your résumé and give you pointers for improvement.

Book obtained through Marina5. Marina Interlibrary Loan
For those times when a customer wants something that is not in the Pratt Library’s collection, they can get it through Marina, the inter-library loan service for Maryland public libraries. Inter-library loan agreements allow libraries across the country to share items from their collections with each others’ customers.

4. HelpNow Online Tutors
Pratt Library offers live chat with online tutors through its HelpNow service, powered by BrainFuse. Students from kindergarten to college can chat with tutors about any number of academic subjects, from math to reading. Services are also available in Spanish.

3. Research Databases
Research databases provide access to scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles on a wide breadth of topics, and are designed for a variety of target audiences, from elementary school students to industry professionals.

2. AskUsNow! Live Chat
There are times when you may need to talk to a librarian after the library has closed for the day. Fortunately, the Maryland AskUsNow! service offers live chat with reference librarians in Maryland, the U.S., and abroad, around the clock.Pratt staff helping a customer

1. Pratt Library Staff
By far, the most important service Pratt offers is its staff. Librarians and office assistants know their communities and local resources that are important to library customers. Feel free to contact the library when you need us.

Anjanette: Terrific post! I am so glad you mentioned the great digital offerings that the library has, such as the Maryland Ditial eLibrary Consortium that gives customers access to thousands of eBooks and the Research Databases that open up an electronic world of information for homework, genealogy, careers and job hunting. Thanks.
Posted by: Lynn at 10/15/2012 3:22 p.m.

Wow! What a wealth of information. Great picture of the Southeast Anchor Selfcheck station. Thanks, Angela
Posted by: Angela Bailey at 11/1/2012 4:54 p.m.

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