From the Stacks: the Works of Andrew Zuckerman

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By Anjanette Wiggins

One of the interesting facets of working in a library is the opportunity to discover fascinating books in the stacks. It can be any number of things about a book that initially attract attention, including the title, the author, or the appearance of the book’s cover. Many times, cover art plays a huge role in drawing readers. Such is the case with the exquisite works of photographer Andrew Zuckerman. The plain, white cover with a dramatic image and bold text immediately catch the eye.

Cover of Creature by Andrew Zuckerman
Andrew Zuckerman is able to capture vibrant images of his subjects by using his signature photographic technique. In his first book, Creature, Zuckerman features a variety of portraits of animals set against a stark, white background. The resulting images direct the reader’s attention to the animals in the photographs, especially the sharp details and bold colors. The sparse use of text prevents distraction from the images, which are the focus of the book. The combination of these elements make Creature eye-catching and irresistible.
Cover of Creature ABC by Andrew Zuckerman
There is also a version of this project for children, Creature ABC. Creature ABC goes through the alphabet with Zuckerman’s photographs of different animals. The book is not laden down with a lot of text, and this makes it easier for young readers to follow. Additionally, bright colors boost the book’s visual appeal to children.
Cover of Bird by Andrew Zuckerman
Bird, another of Zuckerman’s works, uses the same concept of Creature, but focuses on birds. Like Creature, each of the birds photographed appear against a white background. Some of the photos capture the birds in flight. At the end of the book, a summary lists each of the birds that appear in the book, and gives a brief bit of information about each animal.

In addition to the books in the library’s collection, Zuckerman has several other works. His works include Wisdom, which features interviews with a variety of people, from Desmond Tutu to Vanessa Redgrave, discussing what their life experiences have taught them, and Flower, a project similar to Creature, but with flowers as his subjects. Take a look at some of Andrew Zuckerman’s works, and information about his current projects, shows, and background.

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