In Pursuit of a Hobby: Relieve Stress and Enjoy Your Leisure Time

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By Marilyn Jones

A hobby is an excellent thing to pursue when you have leisure time. A hobby helps to relieve stress and it can keep both the body and mind active.

Reading is my number one hobby. I can't remember when I started reading but, I've always loved the written word. The love of books was passed on to me by my mom who was and still is an avid reader. Through books, I have traveled, fallen in love and scaled the highest mountain. I have more or less conquered the world. But, I do have other hobbies, they include knitting, crocheting, computer gaming, sewing, jewelry making, journaling and solving logic puzzles.

Where did I learn to do all of these things? From books of course. Where do I find the books? At the public library. The library has information on hundreds of other things that you can do in your leisure time. Got a passion for fashion? Want to know how to raise rabbits or grow roses? We've got the information that you need right here at the library. Not sure of which hobby to choose? Take this quiz at CNN.COM to see "Which Hobby Best Suits Your Personality". Then take a trip to your nearest branch to get information about your new hobby.

For example, if you enjoy knitting and crocheting like I do, you can find a few books for the seasoned knitter and expert crocheter:

Knitting the details

Knitting In the Details: Charming Designs To Knit & Embellish by Louisa Harding has a collection of 24 patterns to knit. Each pattern has a decorative detail that will enhance the knitted garment. Such embellishments include beading and embroidery.

Knitting out of africa

Knitting Out Of Africa: Inspired Sweater Design by Marianne Isager includes sixteen patterns of sweaters influenced by traditional African fabric or cloth. 

Loop d_Loop CrochetLoop d-Loop Crochet: More Than 25 Novel Designs for Crocheters (and knitters taking up the hook) by Teva Durham is one of my favorites. It contains patterns for the whole family with easy to read diagrams and charts.

If you are new to both knitting and crocheting you can check out our how-to books and videos. There are also plenty of sites on the Internet that will give you free instructions and patterns to download for your personal use. I recommend these sites:

YouTube has tons of videos that will offer you additional help and instructions. Here is one for the beginning crocheter presented by All Free Crochet entitled, Learn How to Crochet - Part 1- Basics for the Absolute Beginner.

Other places that hobbyist might look for more resources are social networking sites such as FaceBook, or Pinterest, an online bulletin board. If you are interested in learning how to knit or crochet, several of our branches are offering classes. Just check the calendar for available classes. For classes at the Forest Park Branch, click here.

Great post! I am a beginner knitter and last year I got a lot of 'how to' knitting books from Pratt's Annual Book Sale.
Posted by: Brittney at 10/24/2012 10:12 a.m.

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