Sports Journalism 101 with Stan Charles

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By Linda Schwartz, Brooklyn Branch

For more than 20 years Stan "the Fan" Charles has kept his finger on the pulse of local Baltimore sports. The Ravens, the Orioles, the Terps, he's covered them all. Currently he is the publisher of the immensely popular monthly publication PressBox and host of the weekend sports talk show PressBox on ABC2.

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On Wednesday, March 13 at 4:30pm, Stan will speak at the Brooklyn Branch.

Stan will share his many years of experience in sports journalism and give tips on breaking into the exciting business of covering professional and school sports, addressing the profession as it applies to radio, TV, print, and the Web.

Curious about Sports Journalism?
Since the early days when Stan the Fan began broadcasting from an AM radio station, sports journalism has evolved into a 24/7 profession with media saturation covering every square inch of the globe. Working in this highly competitive field can mean blogging, broadcasting, writing for print media, or even capturing that magic moment of sport in a single photograph.

Stan Charles
Stan Charles (right) interviews Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos

Sports journalism has come to be considered so integral that universities have created concentration areas for it in their journalism programs. For example the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism is part of the Penn State journalism department. Internships with established news outlets provide valuable experience for budding sports journalists.

As in any profession, it’s important to know what the field is really all about and what is expected of those entering. That’s where Stan Charles comes in; his expertise will provide a realistic glimpse into a fast paced field that is sometimes glamorous as well as gritty.

Of course, there will also be time to get his take on how the O’s will do this season and who will be on the Ravens roster for next year!

Join us for Sports Journalism 101 with Stan Charles on Wednesday, March 13 at 4:30pm at the Brooklyn Branch.

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