Craft your own Fall Poem at the Poetry Circle

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By Becky Hass

I love fall—the colors, the crispness in the air, and the excuse to turn on the oven and bake. As I was planning for the first meeting of the new Poetry Circle at the Reisterstown Road Branch, I thought what better theme to get us started than the inspiration of fall. We tried our hands at a number of different poetic exercises including similes, acrostic, haiku, and free verse using fall as our muse.

Poetry circle fall leaves

I would bet that many of us were first introduced to writing poetry with similes and metaphors. A simile is an easy way to compare two things using the words “like” or “as.” We encouraged the broader community to get in on the fun with a display on fall similes.

Here are some of the simile submissions:

  • The leaves are like a prism, twirling colors in the sunlight.
  • The smell of hot chocolate filled the room, warming me like a crackling fireplace.
  • Autumn leaves are like Midwestern tornadoes spiraling out of control
  • The sky was as gray as galvanized sheet metal.
  • The changing of the leaves are like the changing of the guard for the next phase of the unexpected.
  • I felt my life was changing like the leaves in the crisp autumn breeze, changing into something colorful and beautiful.

An acrostic poem is a poem that uses the letters of a word to begin each line vertically. Off of each vertical letter, another word or phrase is written that begins with the same letter.

Here are some of the samples from the Poetry Circle:

Wet wide sandy spaces
Across the world she spreads her beckoning fingers
Temperature ranging from warm and soothing to frigid
Everyone gathers to have fun in the sun
“Return to me,” she whispers seductively

Linger on the Autumn leaves
Invisible banter of sun and shadow
Give yourself over to the progression
Hope for the new dawn on the horizon
Time spreads itself out like a mother’s blanket

Librarian Greg Fromme’s favorite fall poem is "After Apple-Picking" by Robert Frost. What are your favorite fall poems? Try your hand at a fall-inspired poem and share it below in the comments.

The Poetry Circle meets monthly at the Reisterstown Road Branch on third Mondays at 3pm. Check out the calendar for thefull list of dates. Hope to see you there!

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