The Last Hurrah: 13 More Reviews from Summer Reading Participants

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By Shaileen B.

It's the last hurrah! Groundbreaking Reads, the 2013 adult summer reading program, ends August 3, but there's still time to join the fun—and time to enjoy some sparkling reviews from participants:

The FarmKeely K. (Central Library) on The Farm by Emily McKay
Fantastic book. If you are a fan of The Hunger Games this book is for you. Only downside is the sequel isn't out yet, nor can I find a publishing date. Will be a long wait until I can read the next one.

Nola K. (Central Library) on Farmacology: What Innovative Family Farming Can Teach Us About Health and Healing by Daphne Miller, M.D.:
Great book showing how farming and gardening can contribute to human and environmental health.

John H. (Central Library) on The Civil War in France by Karl Marx:
This is of interest in that Marx's own writings herein are largely in the form of "addresses," with introductory and/or associated material penned by others in his trajectory. The work is of particular interest also relative to non-Marxist writings on early and mid-nineteenth-century French political history, in that familiar names come up, seen in different light, and at later points in their political careers.

Yellow BirdsTim W. (Central Library) on The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers:
A unique story on war in Iraq. Intensely personal and easily readable.

Dola L. (Waverly Branch) on Life Code by Phillip C. McGraw:
A very powerful book about how to weed out the exploiters, users, imposters, and bullies in our life.

Laura M. (Hampden Branch) on The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh:
Your heart goes out to the rough start in life that Victoria has had. Intriguing to see her find her way through flowers.

Cherrie W. (Central Library) on Love Is a Canoe by Ben Schrank:
I love reading about love relationships—this book really explored marital commitments and the lies and deceptions that sometimes keep people together.

Rosia F. (Central Library) on The Eco Chick Guide to Life by Starre Vartan:
Starre Vartan is hip, and savvy, although sometimes afraid to judge, but this book is great for anyone who needs help finding ways to save this planet! She offers not only wisdom, but research. She has worked hard to show all women the monumental effects of the choices of our lifestyles. Eco Chick will make you determined to do right by your body and our incredible Earth!

Clare C. on The New Moon with the Old by Dodie Smith
Very charming and cozy read about an eccentric family—if you loved I Capture the Castle this is a nice taste of DS's other harder-to-find works.

Lost DaughtersBeverly S. (Forest Park Branch) on Lost Daughters by Mary Monroe:
I love books by this author. Unlike some authors who write many books, her plots are always different, even if it is a sequel. She uses humor for some of the character's comments. Unusual storyline. A very good read.

Anne M. (Govans Branch) on A Good Hard Look by Ann Napolitano:
It takes its own good, hard look at what it means to forgive, to be redeemed, and to stumble back home. One afternoon's events sets into motion the consequences of everyone's choices. Really enjoyed the book.

Laura F. (Light Street Branch) on Blood, Bones and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton:
What an amazing and crazy life that this woman has had! She weaves her memoir with her relationships from the past and present, previous employment, and her growing understanding of herself. Learning about the chef behind Prune was really cool and I enjoyed this book immensely. Even though the author is so very different from myself, there were still many relatable moments as she relays her incredibly human perspective.

Gail S. (Govans Branch) on Encounters of Sherlock Holmes: Brand-New Tales of the Great Detective
A new collection of that wonderful character's cases! Several different authors; some written in his classic portrayal which I enjoyed, and others, slightly reaching by putting him with "aliens"! Different! Definitely fun, light reading.

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