[Photos] Fairy Tale Festival at Herring Run Branch

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By Karen Burdnell, Children's Librarian

This year the theme for our Fairy Tale Ball, which took place on April 11, was Fairies and Elves. I had a friend who planted a fairy garden in her back yard and I thought it would be fun to do something like it at the Library. Instead of an actual garden, Branch Manager Lynn Distance and I created a fairy village. There were an assortment of dwellings made from bird houses, discarded books, and various recyclable containers and objects. Find inspiration for your own Fairy Village from these Google Image search results.

Fairy Tale Village 1

Assistant Branch Manager Michael Rios brought in a gigantic papier-mâché fanciful creature that he wore in a parade. We felt it would be a perfect addition and guardian for Fairyville. We wondered if he would be too ferocious, however our young visitors seemed to feel that he fit right in. They were enthralled with him.

Fairy Tale Village with Totem

Children’s Library Fairy, aka Karen Burdnell, and the Fairy Totem became good friends.

Karen with Totem

For our Fairytale Ball, the dietitian from the Moravia Park Judy Center attended with her students and provided healthy snacks and punch for refreshments.

Fairy Tale Ball

The Ben Sherman Trio provided dancing and mood music, with Ben Sherman on guitar, Jay Dulaney on bass, and Lucas Lechowski on violin. Meanwhile the craft stations activated guests' creativity.

Fairy Tale Ball Musicians

Children’s Librarians Shamia Brightful, Orleans Street Branch, and Kinshasa Vargas-Pile, Pennsylvania Avenue Branch, were wonderful helpers with the crafts.

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