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Carling A. W. Elder is a Baltimore blogger who loves her local library, and she wrote a moving post about it on her blog, Carling & Baltimore: A Fresh Look at an Old City.

In "Thank You, Enoch Pratt" she shares her experiences of visiting the library awestruck as a young girl, and now proudly as an adult.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved going to the library. Especially in the summer. Walking out of a steamy summer night and into the library, I'd sigh with relief as cool air washed over my body. This cool and quiet land was a place of wonder and I'd stand stand amazed by the sheer volume and variety of books surrounding me.

I'd stare in awe at glossy hardcovers with bold titles and polished author portraits on the back. I'd slowly pry out a classic wedged on a bottom shelf, carefully brushing my fingers over its crumbling binding. I'd flip open front covers and skim through summaries searching for stories to grab my attention. Someones deepest thoughts and dreams printed clearly on paper for me to read - I knew books were special.

Gathering book after book into my trusty cloth bag, I'd walk through the library like a triumphant farmer after a bountiful harvest. I signed up for a library card and couldn't believe that just by printing my name on the back of a small piece of plastic I could access all of these books, whenever I wanted, for free!

It was magic.

She closes the post with a beautiful observance of a father signing up his son for a first library card. Please read the full post on her blog.

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