Young Makers are Building Circuits at Waverly Branch

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By Rose Anne Ullrich, Children's Librarian, Waverly Branch

On April 16, Waverly Branch hosted an exciting children's program called Chemistry in the Library, presented by Dr. Sandra K. Young, the Materials Research Engineer/Program Manager at the US Army Research Laboratory.

Waverly Chemistry in the Library 1

With the increasing emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education the Waverly Branch has been lucky enough to have hosted an ongoing science program for the past several years. In the Chemistry in the Library program, Dr. Young engages elementary and middle grade students in hands-on science experiments. On her last visit she introduced electronics using snap circuits. Participants from ages 8-14 learned about circuit components by creating burglar alarm, doorbell, and flashlight devices. It was exciting to see children so engaged in science.

Waverly Chemistry in the Library 2

As a Children’s Librarian, it is gratifying to see a "spark" of deep curiosity in just one child who just happens to come to a program and discovers something that opens up a new area of exploration. Dr. Young has exposed children to everything from nanoscience to robotics in past programs.

Waverly Chemistry in the Library 3

Purposeful learning occurs in an environment that promotes curiosity. Chemistry in the Library promotes curiosity in children AND in the librarians who see her workshops!

Great two see two of my interests coming together: science and the library!
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