National Children's Dental Health Month

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By Jessica Hoptay Brown

Many of us associate words like “root canal,” “cavity,” “crown,” and “extraction” with our teeth and going to the dentist. While none of these things are particularly pleasant, many are preventable. Keeping a healthy mouth starts when children are very young. Did you know that as soon as a baby has teeth, parents should start to brush them?

And while we don’t often associate our teeth or the dentist with a visit to our local library (thankfully!), Maryland’s Public Libraries have teamed up with the Maryland Dental Action Coalition’s Oral Health Learning Alliance to bring tooth tips to storytimes.

Children Brushing TeethDuring February, all Pratt Library locations will be celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month with a storytime all about brushing your teeth and oral healthcare. Check in with your local library for more information.

In the meantime, you can get information about how to brush your teeth along with free activity sheets like this maze all from the American Dental Association. You can also have fun exploring teeth in The Tooth Book: A Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums by Edward Miller. Who knew that barbers removed rotten teeth in the 1200s? Curious to see what a real X-ray of a tooth with a cavity looks like? This book has it all!

While you’re brushing your teeth at night, you can always sing this classic Raffi song “Brush Your Teeth" (you can check out the CD, too!).

Happy Reading and Happy Brushing!

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