3 New Job Search Tools at Your Library

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By Marilyn Jones

It's no secret that the Pratt Library has hundreds of computers available for the public to use. There are 32 computers with Internet access at the Forest Park Branch alone. Almost every month, Forest Park Branch provides more than 4,000 customers with access to the Internet and other computer tools.

People that have their own computers, tablets, or smart devices can easily hook up to the Internet through our WiFi connection. All of this technology makes it easier for members of the community to get the information they want and to get it as quickly as possible. The library staff are happy to help computer users with a variety of tasks, including those related to job searching. Many people want to write their resumes, search for jobs, or fill out a job application, and we are here to provide assistance.

We have a large collection of books, materials, and services to help job seekers:

The Forest Park Branch has recently added four new books to our Job & Career Resources section:

The Complete Idiots Guide to LinkedIn by Susan Gunelius, is one of them. LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. It is an excellent tool to use for networking with others about jobs and careers that are of interest to you.  Like other Complete Idiots Guides, this book will give you all of the basics to get your LinkedIn account up and running. How to Find a Job on LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Google+ by Brad and Debra Schepp will help you find employment using many different social networks.

/uploadedImages/www/books_and_media/blog/Pratt_Library_Blog/2 hour job search.jpgAnother book, The 2-Hour Job Search by Steve Dalton, gives the reader a way to streamline their job search with the aid of technology. The techniques used in this book are based on the "Pareto principle" or the 80-20 rule. If you are a serious job seeker looking for ways to organize and prioritize your search, then this book is for you. 

/uploadedImages/www/books_and_media/blog/Pratt_Library_Blog/Same Day Resume.jpgThe fourth book, is entitled the Same Day Resume by Louise M. Kursmark. In her book, you will learn how to write a winning resume in just one hour. It has lots of sample resumes and cover letters that will help you nail down a job. It also provides work sheets to help with writing a resume that highlights special skills and other information that is of interest to employers.

Computer skills classes and job search classes are offered at different branches throughout the city. Contact the Pratt Center for Technology Training at 410-545-0702 to schedule a free class. To see which classes are currently being offered, visit the Jobs and Careers Series or Computer Classes Series on our calendar.

Computers for Job Seekers
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