Thank You! Pratt Chat Wins Best Organization Blog Mobbie

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By Roswell Encina and Jessica Keyes

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all our readers who voted for Pratt Chat to win the Baltimore Sun 2012 Mobbies award for Best Organization Blog. You are the reason we do this.

Jessica at Mobbies
Jessica accepting the Mobbie

Thank you also to our bloggers, editors, and guest contributors for making Pratt Chat a roaring success. We are unique among library blogs. The dedication and thoughtfulness through which our team members make their contributions has shaped our blog into a formidable voice for the Enoch Pratt Free Library and Baltimore City library visitors.

We now have 21 regular contributors and editors, and a large cast of guest contributors. Anyone who has participated in a collaborative or organization blog will understand the significance of this number: In most organizations, as with the Pratt Library, blogging is not part of employees’ job descriptions, and it can be difficult to convince them make time in their busy schedules for blogging.

Mobbies Group ShotTom with Mobbie Award

We believe that Pratt Chat’s greatest success is the amazing response we’ve had from staff. Our team collaborates daily with enthusiasm to produce high quality content that represents the breadth and depth of knowledge held within the Pratt Library.

It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with this talented team of librarians and library-lovers to share our stories, recommendations, and insights with you, our readers.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation for your feedback on Pratt Chat. Please fill out the comment form on the Community Guidelines page and let us know what you think. Your remarks are important to us, and we will use them to grow and improve.

Mobbies Hat Award

Dear Shaileen Beyer, and everyone of 'The Pratt' Staff, Thank You for the honor of becoming a part of your, our, library blog. I look forward to being as much a part of 'The Pratt' as I can. Thank You Always, Tim Ward
Posted by: Timothy J. Ward at 11/16/2012 5:35 p.m.

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