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By Meredith Veatch

Whether summer seemed to fly or was the longest two months of your life, there’s no denying one thing: School is back in session.

inside Library Branch 13 (Patterson Park), 1954
The library has changed,
but it's still a great place to study.

Here at the library, we’ve heard both opinions. In the last few weeks, school-age patrons have been alternately complaining of boredom and lamenting school’s imminent return. They’ve longed to return to their friends and wished that summer could last forever. I don’t know anyone who’s looking forward to homework (indeed, several students doing school summer reading reports have come to the library in a panic recently), but maybe those kids are just being quiet about it.

In any case, no matter how we feel about it, the young people of our city will be in school from August 27 until the beginning of June.

The library will certainly be a different with school back in session. The summer party atmosphere will be gone, and in its place, a slightly more studious feeling will emerge. I’m looking forward to it. As much fun as the summer is, with Summer Reading, special performers, and actual parties, one of my favorite moments each year is the first time a child asks for help with homework after school.

The library is a fantastic place to do school work. We have books on a variety of topics, and if we don’t have it on site, we can get it for you. We have newspapers for current events and databases to help you get accurate information and current information online. Using our computers, you can access the internet, type and print assignments, make presentations, and more. And of course, the library has friendly and knowledgeable staff to help if you get stuck.

We also have fun programs and enjoyable books when you need a break from school work for a little while. Whether you’re in Kindergarten or graduate school, we have something to offer this school year. See you at the library!

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