Pratt Profile: Sights & Sounds Regular Dan the Music Man

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By Tom Warner

Series: Pratt Profiles

Dan the Music ManDan is an articulate, classically trained musician who likes movies almost as much as classical music. Dan actually treats our "Staff Picks" as if they were Gospel: put it on display, and Dan will press play. He has viewed virtually every video in the department. Yes, we said "video"—that neglected analog format seemingly destined to appear on a future episode of Antiques Roadshow. Dan is a fan of the format because, as he says, "It seems like nobody watches videos anymore except for me, which leaves me a lot of titles to pick from."

Not only does this mean there’s always something on the shelf for Dan to grab, but it’s also allowed him to discover many hidden gems "Lost in the Stacks" of the Sights & Sounds Department (some of which have never come out on DVD) like Greta Garbo in the original The Painted Veil (1934) or obscure documentaries about chewing gum, cane toads, and cockroaches.

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