[Video] See the Little Pufferbellies

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By Jessica Keyes

Our fantastic Central Library Children's Department publishes a new video each month of a librarian performing a Handy Dandy Rhyme. April's rhyme is Down by the Station, performed by former staff member Kelli Ostrom (recorded while she was on staff).

My first thought when I heard this rhyme today was, "what on earth is a Pufferbelly?" As a child, I pictured rows of adorable dragons—clearly from the Puff the Magic Dragon lineage.


Imagine my surprise when I finally looked up "pufferbellies" to learn that it actually refers to steam locomotives! Steam locomotives are nearly as exotic as dragons these days, and far more interesting. Where dragons tend to be the destinations of adventures, steam locomotives carry people on their adventures—and we all know that journeys offer us the most memorable experiences.

Try taking a visual journey through our Maryland Digitial Cultural Heritage website today. You may find things along the way that you never expected to see!

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