Reflecting Reality: 'The City Through Our Eyes'

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Reposted with permission from Wide Angle Youth Media

Wide Angle Youth Media partners with the Enoch Pratt Free Library on the Baltimore Speaks Out! Program to provide youth ages 10-15 with free media education in their own community.

Peyton, a fourth grader at Monarch Academy in Baltimore City, joins our [Wide Angle Youth Media] communications team as a Youth Reporter & Blogger!

Peyton giving a tour of her favorite photographs at our High School Family Night event this past January.

Our students and staff met Peyton at our high school family night this past January. She is an inspiring young person who is interested in reviewing films. At the event, we challenged her to look over the exhibit, and then describe her favorite pieces from the Youth Media Festival Committee’s photo exhibition to our guests and youth artists. As a Youth Reporter & Blogger, Peyton will be reviewing and reflecting on our students’ films as well as issues in Baltimore that matter to her.

Peyton’s first response is on "The City Through Our Eyes" made by middle school students in our Baltimore Speaks Out! Program:

How would you describe Baltimore to someone who has never been here before?
I would describe Baltimore as a very nice place because there are cool places to visit like Port Discovery, the National Aquarium, the Baltimore Museum of Art, and Walter’s Art Museum.

What does community mean to you?
Community to me means people who work together and help each other out. People who know each other pretty well and make others feel comfortable.

What do you want people to know about your neighborhood?
Things I want people to know about my neighborhood, Parkville, is that everyone is very polite. There is very little garbage lying around because people care for the neighborhood. There is a lot of space for kids to run around and we have a playground nearby. There are a lot of kids in my neighborhood.

Where is your favorite place to explore?
My favorite place to explore is Honeygo Trail. I like Honeygo because I love to walk and there are a lot of trails to walk and run on. I also like Honeygo because you can take a trail into the woods and you will see nature like fish, birds, frogs, and sometimes rabbits. Another reason I like Honeygo is because there is a playground and I love to hang upside down on the monkey bars.

What is the name of the film you watched?
The video I watched was called "The City Through Our Eyes."

How long was the video that you watched?
The video I watched was 2 minutes, 18 seconds long.

What is your favorite part of the video? Why?
My favorite part of the video is when the kids talk about believing they can do anything, because I believe the same thing about myself. I also like when the two people make a heart with their arms. I thought that was creative. I’ve never seen that before.

What part of your neighborhood would you focus on if you were a part of this video?
If I were a part of this video the part of my neighborhood I would focus on is near the school Woodhome Elementary. I would focus there because there are open fields to play, baseball fields and tennis courts. The school also has a Baltimore City recreation center that offers many activities for kids and adults.

Do you think kids or teens were also inspired by this? Why?
Yes. I think other kids were inspired by this video because they can really have a connection with the children in the video since they may be in similar situations. I also think all children should believe in themselves and have positive people around them.

Has this film changed the way that you view your neighborhood?
No, the film did not change the way I view my neighborhood. I think I live in a great area with a lot of good people. We have a community that takes care of their own property and the surrounding area. I do think there could be room to make it a better place though. It would be nice to have community activities like street fairs where everyone can interact with each other and get to know each other better.

We are thrilled to have Peyton as a Youth Reporter and Blogger! Students in our [Wide Angle Youth Media] Mentoring Video Project are working on a short documentary about inspiring young people, like Peyton, who have discovered their personal passion and how that opportunity connects them to lifelong success.

Are you or do you know a young person between the ages of 10 and 25 who has found their passion? Nominate yourself or someone you know to be featured in this upcoming production.

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