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By Xiaoyu Zhou, Web Department Manager

Take our SurveyIf you are reading this blog post, you are using the Enoch Pratt Free Library's website. How do you like it so far? Have you found everything you need? What devices do you use to access the site—a phone, a tablet, or a computer? The Library's web team has many questions related to the Big reDESIGN project to ask you, our readers.

The goal of our recently launched Big reDESIGN is to create an attractive, usable, and useful website.

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User-Centered Approach
Our user-centered approach allows the team to put customers at the heart of all design decisions. Our web team will conduct user research, including surveys, usability testing, and card sorting, to understand the needs, wants, preferences, and online behaviors of our website visitors. Amy Swackhamer, librarian at the Regional Information Center, is leading the user research efforts. She will be contacting and working directly with customers helping with usability testing.

Content First
A great website must first have great content that is relevant and well-maintained. Content is what a design is created for. We have established a content team that is responsible for reviewing, revising, and generating our website content. Led by Jessica Keyes, the content team is currently busy auditing over a thousand pages on our website.

Mobile-Ready Design
According to our statistics, the number of visits from mobile devices to the Pratt’s website doubled in the past year, and increased more than 6 times from in the past two years. Knowing that one day soon there will be more users accessing the Internet from mobile than from desktop computers, we will create a website that will look great on all your devices, whether desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Get Involved!
With a lot more to consider and to incorporate in the reDESIGN, we expect this project to take about a year to complete. Since the new website is for you, our visitors, here is how you can get involved:

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