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By Eunice Anderson

Four summers ago we launched a system-wide adult summer reading program. It has provided a fun, exciting reading adventure along with chances to win terrific prizes. Each year the theme suggests an experience that only summer reading can offer.

Somehow, during the summer we feel less encumbered with the cares of life; leisure time and recreational activities become a top priority. I’ve noticed that for booklovers, whatever activities are being planned with family and friends, a priority is ensuring that books and time for reading as part of the itinerary.

Our first theme in 2010 was the beach summer, next the traveling summer, last year the bedtime summer, now this year I’ll call it the "earthy" summer. The adult summer reading program runs for eight weeks, June 1 through August 3 and the theme presents a wonderful reading opportunity to try something new.

Adults Reading by Windows

This year’s adult summer reading theme is Groundbreaking Reads. Most of us can think of a groundbreaking book we have read. A book that changed our lives. But what does groundbreaking mean? The Free Dictionary offers: characterized by originality and innovation; the act or ceremony of breaking ground to begin a construction project.

Maybe some of the books you have read fit one of these definitions. Our collections of movies, books, short stories, CDs, and eBooks offer a smorgasbord of choices to explore. Here are some suggestions on the many sub-themes of groundbreaking: like gardening, there is the connection with breaking ground to plant. You may be interested in zombies and vampires. Maybe you’re interested in hiking, exploring geology, archaeology, caves and underground worlds, and the Underground Railroad to name a few. Or you can choose to read books about groundbreaking events, ideas, inventions.

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You’ll also find on the Adult Summer Reading page a suggested reading list if you are seeking to find a new genre or author to try something different. Here’s another challenge: see how many books you can read in eight weeks from the Boston Public Library list of the 100 Most Influential Books of the [20th] Century.

As in the past years of adult summer reading at the Pratt Library, you’ll have the occasion to review the books you’ve read. Select reviews will be posted on the Pratt Chat blog to share with other readers. Your review may give another reader insight on a book that will change their opinion on a person or a topic. Your review may open up a stirring conversation through our blog.

Excavating Book Titles is this year’s online only challenge, where you can unscramble a new book title each week, and another chance to win a prize. For those who want yet more action, try this fun trivia quiz: Groundbreaking Books of the 20th Century.

Whichever way your interests and time leads you this summer, we’ll help you find the books of your choice in the format of your choice; we have hardback and paperback copies, books on CD or audiotape, and eBooks you can download from our Overdrive Media stations at various library locations.

Most of all, join the program. Make this a Groundbreaking Summer and read books to change your life.

This is my first year participating in the Adult Summer Reading Challenge, and I am SUPER excited!!! I can hardly wait to explore by reading some of the suggested "groundbreaking" novels!!!
Posted by: Kay Taylor at 6/6/2013 10:12 a.m.

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