The Patterson Park Wall of Art

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By Meredith Veatch

During the Fairy Tale Festival, we put up a castle wall above the computers at the Patterson Park Branch. It looked great. It transformed the whole space, and it created a lot of interest in the festival. There was only one problem. Once we took the castle wall down, the space where it had been seemed plain. Very, very plain.

You might even say that it was ugly. Our wall, which we had never noticed in any significant way before, began to bother us. We tried unsuccessfully to ignore it. We tried to remember that we never cared before. During summer reading, we covered our wall with signs advertising the reading program, which helped, but as soon as summer ended, we had the same problem. Our unremarkable wall taunted us with its blandness.

Fortunately, a few months ago, we came up with a great solution: Introducing the Patterson Park Wall of Art!

pumpkin patch

Thankful TurkeyOnce a month, the staff and patrons of the Patterson Park Branch make an art project to decorate our wall. It cheerfully greets everyone who enters the library. In October, we had a pumpkin patch, with pumpkins ranging from traditional jack-o-lanterns to 3-D creations to homages to Baltimore’s sports teams. For November, we made a Thankful Turkey. Each colorful feather has words or a picture describing something that we’re thankful for.

Every month, we’ll be putting up something new to celebrate the season and all of the artistic talent we have at the library. Drop by and see us sometime. If you time it right, you could help us with our next masterpiece.

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