Late Night Rescue

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By Sarah Kuperman, Guest Blogger

When you have a student in your family you learn to dread finals week.

The Pratt Library rescued one of my favorite high school students—my daughter—this past exam week.

Not all questions come up during working hours. Even the best of students can find themselves struggling late at night just before the big test. At 10:30 daughter’s entire study group gave up. The question was about calculating moles in a chemical formula. Could the library help?

Yes! The Pratt Library offers Chat with an Online Tutor, a service provided by our partner Brainfuse. You can find a link to Chat with an Online Tutor on our website under Research Help.

Chat with an online tutor

This service offers one-to-one chat sessions with qualified teachers. The service is available online from 2pm to 12am The teachers are able to handle all levels of homework-related questions. The chemistry study group was thrilled. Their online tutor understood their question and responded with much more than a one-word answer.

Using chat and an online workspace, the tutor presented a mini-lesson to help the students understand and practice the concept. Their session lasted approximately 40 minutes and included practice problems and time for Q&A.

The library to the rescue!

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