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  • Flying Finish: Eleven More Reviews from Adult Summer Reading Participants
    By Shaileen B.
    Posted on 9/1/2016
    We counted over 1,000 participants reading over 4,500 books in the 2016 Adult Summer Reading program. Thank you to everyone who joined in this reading adventure!Here's one last batch of reviews:Orealle ...more
  • Score! Eighteen More Recommendations from Adult Summer Reading Participants
    By Shaileen B.
    Last Edited on 8/3/2016
    Every day we're excited to receive book reviews from participants in our adult summer reading program, “Exercise Your Mind. Read!” Here is a sampling:Constance A. (Canton Branch) on Orphan Train by Christina ...more
  • Exercising Their Minds: Twelve More Reviews from Adult Summer Reading Participants
    By Shaileen B.
    Last Edited on 7/15/2016
    Here are a dozen more great reviews from participants in the “Exercise Your Mind. Read!” program:Anna S. (Central Library) on The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury: Even though the book is considered a ...more
  • Winning Reads: Thirteen More Reviews from Adult Summer Reading Participants
    By Shaileen B.
    Last Edited on 7/8/2016
    Looking for a wonderful July read? Participants in the Adult Summer Reading Program “Exercise Your Mind. Read!” recommend the following:Sarah D. (Central Library) on Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld: This ...more
  • School Is Wrapping Up? Time to Access Maryland AskUsNow!
    By Paul Chasen, Statewide Coordinator, Maryland AskUsNow!
    Posted on 4/16/2015
    Maryland AskUsNow!,, is the free, statewide library chat information service done in cooperation with 43 Maryland libraries and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all Maryland ...more
  • What Is Blacklight Photography?
    By Sylvie Merlier-Rowen, Children's Department
    Last Edited on 2/17/2015
    Light and Reflection: Blacklight and Other Photography by Sylvie Merlier-Rowen is an exhibit on display through March 21, 2015 in the Fine Arts and Music Department at the Enoch Pratt Free Library, Maryland ...more
  • Pratt 5X3: Patrick Joust
    By Caitlin S., Librarian in the Fine Arts and Music Department
    Last Edited on 11/28/2014
    Three Baltimore photographers who are also Pratt Library staff members are presenting five photos each in a joint exhibit of their work. This blog post features work by Patrick Joust. ...more
  • Pratt 5X3: Lynne Parks
    By William Jones, Manager of The Fine Arts and Music Department
    Last Edited on 11/1/2014
    Pratt 5X3 is a joint exhibit featuring the work of three Baltimore photographers who are also Pratt Library staff members. Each artist has contributed five photos to the show. This blog post features work ...more
  • Pratt 5X3: A Photography Exhibit
    By William Jones, Manager of The Fine Arts and Music Department
    Last Edited on 10/1/2014
    Pratt 5X3 is a photography exhibit that is currently on display now through November 2nd in the Fine Arts and Music Department at the Enoch Pratt Free Library, Maryland State Library Resource Center. Three ...more
  • New Service at Central Library and Hamilton Branch: Pay Library Bills with Credit Cards
    By Rachel Scheuerman
    Last Edited on 3/6/2014
    We know that you don’t always carry cash with you when you come to the library. Or, maybe you do, but would rather pay your library bills with your credit card. Instead of waiting in line, you can now ...more
  • Perusing Periodicals for Architectural Ideas
    By Lisa Greenhouse
    Last Edited on 2/27/2014
    If you see Wendell Bradley in the Periodicals Department, most likely he is searching for colors and textures as well as information on new building materials and technologies in magazines dealing with ...more
  • Fun with Fiber Arts
    By Anjanette Wiggins
    Last Edited on 12/12/2013
    Fiber arts are enjoying an incredible resurgence in popularity these days. Resources like YouTube have made it easier than ever to learn crafts like knitting, crochet, sewing and weaving. In addition, ...more
  • Spook Yourself Silly: Free Family Flicks Featuring Frankenweenie
    By Ryan O’Grady
    Last Edited on 10/7/2013
    October is here and that means it is almost time for ghouls, ghosts, and goblins. Pratt’s free family flicks series is celebrating by bringing you not one, but two spooky flicks: Frankenweenie and Hotel ...more
  • A Big Baltimore Book Festival Thank You
    By Ryan O’Grady
    Last Edited on 10/3/2013
    The Enoch Pratt Free Library tent at the 2013 Baltimore Book Festival was a huge success. Not only did we have a variety of authors, guest speakers, and guest performers, but we also had four different ...more
  • Teen Advisory Club Comes to Reisterstown Road
    By Lamar Pinkett, Reisterstown Road Branch
    Last Edited on 10/1/2013
    The teen population is fired up and ready to get busy at the Reisterstown Road Branch with new and innovative ideas to serve teens and the community. After considering many ideas from teen patrons and ...more
  • 7 Apps to Keep Pratt in Your Pocket
    By Anjanette Wiggins
    Last Edited on 9/19/2013
    Did you know the Pratt Library can fit into your pocket? ...more
  • The Palace of Impossible Dreams: Altered Books Contest Photos
    By Melanie Jacobs, Light Street Branch
    Last Edited on 8/22/2013
    For the second year in a row, the Light Street Branch held an Altered Books Contest in conjunction with the Adult Summer Reading Program. The entries this year were phenomenal and showed immense creativity. ...more
  • Farewell to Summer Reading 2013
    By Jessica Hoptay Brown
    Last Edited on 8/19/2013
    It’s been a pretty great summer full of reading and fun at the Pratt Library! Not only did we offer loads of great programming for kids from magic shows to live music, but we also saw lots of books and ...more
  • GO Northwest Housing Resource Center and the Forest Park Branch: Helping Homeowners Recover
    By Melanie Townsend
    Posted on 7/24/2013
    Every other Monday a housing counselor from GO Northwest Housing Resource Center presents a workshop called The Road to Mortgage Recovery at the Forest Park Branch. This presentation "helps families who ...more
  • Age of Champions
    By Greg Sesek, Guest Blogger
    Last Edited on 7/15/2013
    On Tuesday, June 25 in Wheeler Auditorium, 175 local seniors attended a screening of Age of Champions, an award-winning PBS documentary. Organized by Programs & Publications Department staff member Theresa ...more
  • Read Down Your Fines During Summer Reading
    By Meredith Veatch
    Last Edited on 6/14/2013
    We're almost halfway through 2013, which means we've now been reading down fines for almost six months. At the Patterson Park branch, Read Down Fines started to take off after I visited a parents' night ...more
  • Groundbreaking Reads to Change Your Life
    By Eunice Anderson
    Last Edited on 6/5/2013
    Four summers ago we launched a system-wide adult summer reading program. It has provided a fun, exciting reading adventure along with chances to win terrific prizes. Each year the theme suggests an experience ...more
  • Digging into the Summer Reading Program
    By Jessica Hoptay Brown
    Last Edited on 6/3/2013
    Though the official summer season doesn't begin until June 21, we’re already "digging into" summer at the Pratt Library with the start of our annual Summer Reading Program! ...more
  • Paws to Read: Why Kids Should Read Aloud to a Dog at the Library
    By Stephanie Jarvais
    Last Edited on 6/19/2013
    Reading is an important step in a child's life; it can open the doorway for many opportunities. There are many ways for a child to improve reading skills, and reading out loud is one of the most important. ...more
  • Fairy Tale Tea Party at the Patterson Park Library
    By Meredith Veatch
    Posted on 5/16/2013
    I love Fairy Tale Festival. If the truth be known, I love it more than I love summer reading, mostly because it’s not as hot outside, but also because I adore fairy tales. But the main reason I love Fairy ...more
  • Gender and Cover Art: The Coverflip Challenge
    By Anjanette Wiggins
    Last Edited on 5/14/2013
    Can you really judge a book by it's cover? ...more
  • Celebrating the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf Launch
    By Becky Hass
    Last Edited on 5/14/2013
    The Enoch Pratt Free Library’s Reisterstown Road Branch was awarded the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf grant, one of only eight grants awarded in Maryland. The Muslim Journeys Bookshelf is a project of the ...more
  • Light Street Branch’s Lynne Parks Earns 2013 Baker Artist Award
    By Tom Warner
    Last Edited on 5/10/2013
    Lynne Parks, a part-time library professional associate at Pratt's Light Street branch and a full-time, self-taught artist, was one of three local artists—from a pool of over 700 candidates—who won 2013 ...more
  • The Best Book Club Ever
    By Tonette Cherry, Guest Blogger
    Posted on 5/7/2013
    The best Book Club Ever meets at the Brooklyn Branch Enoch Pratt Library. Soda and coffee served as refreshments, an it is a comfortable and relaxed setting. There is a group of us ladies who meet every ...more
  • 'Countdown to Kindergarten Day' at Port Discovery
    By Kinshasa Vargas-Pile, Children's Librarian, Pennsylvania Avenue Branch
    Posted on 5/6/2013
    This spring, the Enoch Pratt Free Library provided customers with free tickets to Port Discovery’s early literacy event Countdown to Kindergarten Day (CTK Day) on April 20. This event is hosted by Port ...more
  • Young Makers are Building Circuits at Waverly Branch
    By Rose Anne Ullrich, Children's Librarian, Waverly Branch
    Last Edited on 4/30/2013
    On April 16, Waverly Branch hosted an exciting children's program called Chemistry in the Library, presented by Dr. Sandra K. Young, the Materials Research Engineer/Program Manager at the US Army Research ...more
  • [Photos] Fairy Tale Festival at Herring Run Branch
    By Karen Burdnell, Children's Librarian
    Last Edited on 4/22/2013
    This year the theme for our Fairy Tale Ball, which took place on April 11, was Fairies and Elves. I had a friend who planted a fairy garden in her back yard and I thought it would be fun to do something ...more
  • The Poetry Circle Celebrates at Reisterstown Road Branch
    By Becky Hass
    Last Edited on 9/17/2013
    There are so many ways to celebrate poetry! That was our goal for the April meeting of the Poetry Circle at the Reisterstown Road Library. ...more
  • Listening at the Library
    By Meredith Veatch
    Last Edited on 4/8/2013
    A few weeks ago I visited my optometrist because I’d been getting a lot of headaches, and I wondered if I needed a new prescription for my glasses. The good news is I don’t need new glasses. The bad news, ...more
  • Fairy Tale Extravaganza This Weekend: Free and Fun for All Ages!
    by Teresa Duggan
    Last Edited on 4/3/2013
    This Saturday, April 6 and Sunday, April 7 we will be celebrating the 11th Annual Fairy Tale Extravaganza at the Central Library. The event will be taking over Central Hall as well as much of the children's ...more
  • Commemorating History by Creating Butterflies
    By Stephanie Jarvais
    Last Edited on 6/19/2013
    I recently spent ages planning a children's program entitled "Let’s Make Butterflies," and I was very excited to share it with my regular kids. You can imagine my disappointment when I got a Jury Duty ...more
  • Whirlwind 'Spring Fling' at Roland Park Branch
    By Brian DeLuca
    Last Edited on 3/27/2013
    For two weeks this March, the students who frequent the Roland Park Branch got to experience several fun activities as part of the Enoch Pratt Free Library’s annual "Spring Fling." ...more
  • Upcoming Book Discussions and Programs: The Value of Open Spaces
    By Brian DeLuca
    Last Edited on 3/20/2013
    The Roland Park Branch, in collaboration with the Open Space Campaign for Greater Roland Park, is hosting a three-part book discussion series this winter and spring. The books in this series were chosen ...more
  • Reflecting Reality: 'The City Through Our Eyes'
    Reposted with permission from Wide Angle Youth Media
    Last Edited on 3/18/2013
    Wide Angle Youth Media partners with the Enoch Pratt Free Library on the Baltimore Speaks Out! Program to provide youth ages 10-15 with free media education in their own community. ...more
  • Hopping on the Pratt Buck Bandwagon at Southeast Anchor Library
    By Ellie Mullen, Guest Blogger
    Last Edited on 3/15/2013
    Children at the Southeast Anchor Library are rolling in the dough... Pratt Bucks that is! Since the introduction of Pratt’s Read Down Fines initiative in January, the children’s department has seen a significant ...more
  • Read Down Fines: The Adventure Continues
    By Lamar Pinkett, Guest Blogger
    Last Edited on 3/15/2013
    The Pratt Library's new initiative to help young readers Read Down Fines is an innovative approach to get our children and teen customers back to reading and checking materials out. Since the start of ...more
  • Sports Journalism 101 with Stan Charles
    By Linda Schwartz, Brooklyn Branch
    Last Edited on 3/22/2016
    For more than 20 years Stan "the Fan" Charles has kept his finger on the pulse of local Baltimore sports. The Ravens, the Orioles, the Terps, he's covered them all. Currently he is the publisher of the ...more
  • Series vs. Stand-alone: The Great Reading Debate
    By Meredith Veatch
    Posted on 3/4/2013
    I can never decide what I like to read better-a series, or a stand-alone book. There are perks and problems with each. My favorite thing about a stand-alone book is that there’s no waiting. You read it, ...more
  • Drumming with Doc Gibbs at Forest Park Branch
    By Melanie Townsend Diggs
    Posted on 2/26/2013
    In honor of Black History Month, Leonard "Doc" Gibbs, a notable African-American musician, presented the musical program, Drum, Dance and Percussion, at the Forest Park Branch on February 6, 2013. Although ...more
  • [Video] African Drum, Dance, and Percussion at Reisterstown Road Branch
    By Lamar Pinkett, Guest Blogger, Reisterstown Road Branch
    Posted on 2/20/2013
    The Reisterstown Road Branch Library is excited to be hosting a plethora of programs for the month of February in celebration of Black History Month. On February 5, 2013 local performing artist Doc Gibbs ...more
  • National Children's Dental Health Month
    By Jessica Hoptay Brown
    Posted on 2/19/2013
    Many of us associate words like “root canal,” “cavity,” “crown,” and “extraction” with our teeth and going to the dentist. While none of these things are particularly pleasant, many are preventable. Keeping ...more
  • Two Hundred Years of Pride and Prejudice
    By Meredith Veatch
    Last Edited on 2/7/2013
    The first time I heard of Jane Austen, I was twelve years old. It was 1996, and the famous Pride and Prejudice miniseries starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth had just aired for the first time on American ...more
  • Plagued by Library Fines? Kids & Teens can Wipe the Slate Clean
    By Brian Manning
    Last Edited on 3/15/2013
    There are some things I immediately and pleasantly associate with childhood, including: my first crush; collecting and reading comics; playing baseball until after dark; and the wonder of exploring the ...more
  • Gathering the Sons, Daughters, and Enthusiasts of Erin
    Claire Wang
    Last Edited on 2/4/2013
    Recently, the New York Times released their 46 recommended travel destinations for 2013. At first glance, the featured activities on this list are as varied as the locations in question. Descriptions boast ...more
  • We Have a Winner: Naming the Girl in the Window
    By Anjanette Wiggins
    Last Edited on 1/24/2013
  • Pratt Awarded the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf Grant
    By Becky Hass
    Last Edited on 1/11/2013
    The Enoch Pratt Free Library’s Reisterstown Road Branch was awarded the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf grant, one of only eight grants awarded in Maryland. We are bringing the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf and ...more
  • Keeping Our Library Relevant in 2013
    By Jessica Keyes
    Last Edited on 1/2/2013
    It is no secret that the world is changing daily at a pace never before seen in history. Librarians, authors, journalists, and academics and have been engaging in public discourse for years on the best ...more
  • [Video] An Evening of Classical Music at Reisterstown Road Branch
    By Greg Fromme, Reisterstown Road Branch
    Last Edited on 12/20/2012
    On Wednesday, December 12, the Reisterstown Road branch had the privilege of hosting two extraordinary Baltimore area musicians for an evening of classical music. ...more
  • Santa Librarian’s Top 10 Nice Holiday Picks
    By Cindy Kleback
    Last Edited on 12/17/2012
    Our good friend, the jolly ol’ Santa Librarian, was chilling (literally) at the North Pole Public Library and decided to put together a list of books and movies to recommend to his favorite library friends ...more
  • Santa Librarian's Top 10 Naughty Holiday Picks
    By Brian DeLuca
    Last Edited on 12/17/2012
    Santa Librarian, among many other things, is a fan of Norse mythology. When Baldur, the Norse god of truth and light, was born, his mother, Frigg, made every single thing promise to never harm Baldur. ...more
  • [Videos] Interviews at the Pennsylvania Avenue Branch Reopening
    By Jessica Keyes
    Last Edited on 12/14/2012
    The Grand re-Opening of the Pennsylvania Avenue Branch on Nov 14 was a lot of fun. I had the opportunity to meet library customers from the neighborhood and ask them, "What does this library mean to y ...more
  • Imagery as Narrative: Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony
    By Anjanette Wiggins
    Last Edited on 12/11/2012
    As a Young Adult Services Librarian, I spend much of my time reading teen literature. I always enjoy coming across a book that introduces a new reading experience, apart from the typical fare. So, imagine ...more
  • Music for Kids? Haacking the Record Collection
    By Tom Warner
    Posted on 12/6/2012
    I only recently discovered underground electronic music pioneer Bruce Haack, while browsing through Pratt’s Central’s "best-kept-secret" collection of phonograph records (those archaic round pieces of ...more
  • [New] Pratt eLibrary: Get more for free
    By Sarah Kuperman, Collections Management Department
    Posted on 12/4/2012
    A customer with a question about reading eBooks on her iPhone recently phoned the Library for help. The conversation resulted in a helpful one-on-one session in the Central Library’s Wi-Fi coffee shop. ...more
  • The Patterson Park Wall of Art
    By Meredith Veatch
    Posted on 11/26/2012
    During the Fairy Tale Festival, we put up a castle wall above the computers at the Patterson Park Branch. It looked great. It transformed the whole space, and it created a lot of interest in the festival. ...more
  • Craft your own Fall Poem at the Poetry Circle
    By Becky Hass
    Last Edited on 11/19/2012
    I love fall—the colors, the crispness in the air, and the excuse to turn on the oven and bake. As I was planning for the first meeting of the new Poetry Circle at the Reisterstown Road Branch, I thought ...more
  • The Promise of Pennsylvania: The Renewal of a Neighborhood Branch
    By Anjanette Wiggins
    Last Edited on 11/16/2012
    When the Pennsylvania Avenue Branch first opened to the public on January 15, 1953, the former director of Pratt Library, Joseph Wheeler, commented that "It's the finest public library (branch) in the ...more
  • Digital Photography 101: A Walk Around Town
    By Ryan O’Grady
    Last Edited on 10/26/2012
    Do you have an artistic fire burning in you? Maybe you have a nice new DSLR camera that someone in your family gave you, and it has just been sitting on your shelf for the past year. Or maybe you own a ...more
  • Hallowe’en with Poe
    By Becky Hass
    Last Edited on 10/18/2012
    One of my first Baltimore memories comes from one of my dad’s infamous road trips. He would ask, “Do you want to go for a drive?” and you never knew where you’d end up. On this trip, we ended up in the ...more
  • 10 Library Services You Should Be Using
    By Anjanette Wiggins
    Last Edited on 10/15/2012
    10. Self-CheckoutFor customers who prefer self-service, self-checkout is available at five branches: Reisterstown Road, Northwood, Roland Park, Orleans Street, Edmondson Avenue, and Southeast Anchor Library. ...more
  • Pierrot Centenary Project and the Lunar Ensemble
    By Bill Jones, Assistant Manager of the Fine Arts and Music Department
    Last Edited on 10/5/2012
    The Pratt Library will host a special afternoon concert and lecture on Saturday, October 6: A Centenary Celebration of Pierrot Lunaire* with Paul Mathews and the LUNAR Ensemble (*Pierrot lunaire is a ...more
  • It's All About the People at the Govans Fall Celebration
    By Jessica Hoptay Brown
    Last Edited on 10/4/2012
    Many years ago when I was a bright-eyed, eager graduate student, my mentor librarian asked, “Why do you want to work in libraries?” I had about forty different reasons in my head, and I quickly scanned ...more