• Thumbs Up! Eleven Recommendations from Adult Summer Reading Participants
    By Shaileen B.
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    Still searching for the perfect beach book? Here are suggestions from participants in our Adult Summer Reading Program:Kristen S. (Central Library) on Normal by Graeme Cameron: "Reminiscent of Dexter with ...more
  • March is almost over, but... Winter is Coming!
    By Lara Spahr
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    "I can't wait to see how they film the Red Wedding." ...more
  • 6 Library Books to Travel With
    By Brian Manning
    Last Edited on 12/7/2012
    It’s the Holiday Season, and for many Marylanders it is a time filled with trips, treks, and layovers. And for many dealing with the rigors of yuletide traveling, the ideal companion is quiet, a source ...more
  • Politics Not As Usual: My Top Ten Favorite Political Films
    By Brian DeLuca
    Last Edited on 11/29/2012
    What is the cure for too much politics? Why more politics, of course! Or at least some really great films about politics. With the recently-released "Lincoln" and "Argo" playing at your local multiplex, ...more
  • Carla's Picks: November Book Recommendations
    By Carla D. Hayden
    Last Edited on 11/27/2012
    It's that time of the year again when the temperature starts dropping and cuddling up in a blanket with a great book sounds like a relaxing and magical way to spend a quiet evening. ...more
  • Fall Rocks: A playlist for the chilly season
    By Brian Manning
    Last Edited on 11/23/2012
    It’s November, and the fall is finally in full regal: there are pumpkins on stoops, rich yellows and oranges, and an air of mischief in the cool night airs. This air of degeneration is captivating, to ...more
  • 12 Graphic Novels that Define the Genre
    By Marc Sober, Humanities Department
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    What are graphic novels? We know them when we see them—they have text and pictures together. Isn’t that the same as comic books? Essentially, they are two kinds of works using the same methods, just as ...more
  • Unwanted Man? Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher
    By Shaileen B
    Last Edited on 11/7/2012
    We don't want to hitch our dreams to the wrong man. That's why, for months now, America has been abuzz about a major decision. When one of us is summoned to embody an ancient vision for all of us, feelings ...more
  • Book Review: America the Philosophical
    By Joe Arcieri, Humanities Department
    Posted on 11/7/2012
    I have read articles by Carlin Romano, professor of philosophy at Ursinus College, on various web sites and found them informative. When I learned that his new book, America the Philosophical (2012), touted ...more
  • The Vow to be Cool: Meeting Writers at Bookfest
    By Meredith Veatch
    Last Edited on 11/1/2012
    If you’re a regular Pratt Chat reader, or if you tried to drive through Mt. Vernon during the last weekend of September, you probably already know about the Baltimore Book Festival. Still being relatively ...more
  • Spooky Stories to Read at Home or Share around the Campfire
    By Jessica Hoptay Brown
    Posted on 10/31/2012
    “And here are the dead man’s eyeballs!” announced the storyteller. Next to me, an equally spooked friend leaned over and offered me a box just big enough to fit my hand. Inside, I felt what I truly thought ...more
  • 32 Classic Films Available Free Online
    By Tom Warner
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    In the course of putting together a Pratt Library guide to the best web resources for watching full-length feature movies, I was surprised to find that so many great classic films by critically acclaimed ...more
  • In Pursuit of a Hobby: Relieve Stress and Enjoy Your Leisure Time
    By Marilyn Jones
    Last Edited on 10/22/2012
    A hobby is an excellent thing to pursue when you have leisure time. A hobby helps to relieve stress and it can keep both the body and mind active. ...more
  • More than Pooh: The A. A. Milne Story
    By Ann Weller Dahl
    Posted on 9/21/2012
    Mention the name "A.A. Milne" (1882-1956) and it’s a safe bet that most readers of a certain age will respond, Winnie-the-Pooh. They would be quite correct, having probably been raised, as was I in the ...more
  • Rise of the Undead: Zombies in Nonfiction
    By Anjanette Wiggins
    Last Edited on 10/18/2012
    New books about zombies and hordes of the undead seem to appear nearly every week. They are in popular fiction, re-imagined classics such as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, graphic novels, and even children’s ...more
  • A Brief Glimpse of What is to Come: David Rakoff 1964-2012
    By Ryan O'Grady
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    I have always felt a kinship with sardonic writers who offer their unique perspective on how to live in this world. I’ve seen David Sedaris speak a few times—he usually visits Baltimore about once a year—and ...more
  • A Voyage of Discovery: The Writing of Laura Ingalls Wilder
    By Ann Weller Dahl
    Last Edited on 8/22/2012
    Four generations of children and adults have enjoyed the classic novels by Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957) known collectively as the Little House books. Wilder was 65 years old when the first of the nine ...more
  • The Dark K(Night): On Hope and Tragedy
    By Brian DeLuca
    Last Edited on 8/9/2012
    Seventy years ago, in an American city not much different from our own, a young family of three walked down the wrong street known as Crime Alley, and history was changed forever. Minutes after seeing ...more
  • Sheroes at The Library: Women of Strength and Courage
    By Marilyn Jones
    Last Edited on 8/1/2012
    The Merriam Webster Online Dictionary defines the word shero as "a woman regarded as a hero" and the word hero as "a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities." Most of us can rattle off a list ...more
  • The Most Glittering Kind of Poetry: 3 Ways to Experience The Bach Cello Suites
    By Jessica Keyes
    Last Edited on 7/12/2012
    The Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello by J.S. Bach represent some of the finest, most rapturously beautiful music ever composed for solo instrument. They are among the most performed solo repertoire, ...more
  • Why Try YA?
    By Liz Sundermann
    Last Edited on 6/27/2012
    Have you read The Hunger Games books or are you someone who wonders why your friends are scrambling to find a series written for teens? Teen fiction is the fastest growing segment in the publishing industry, ...more
  • What Father's Day Means to Me
    By Brian DeLuca, Roland Park Branch
    Posted on 6/15/2012
    It was two months before my twelfth birthday when my father died. It was September 11th, a date that would mean tragedy for my family, decades before it had meaning for the rest of the world. It’s an odd ...more
  • Pratt Gives Visitors the Silent Treatment
    By Tom Warner
    Posted on 6/15/2012
    2012 has been a banner year for celebrating the early days of motion pictures: Michel Hazanavicius’s black-and-white silent film, The Artist, won five Oscars (including Best Picture, Best Director and ...more
  • The People Whisperers
    By Marilyn Jones
    Last Edited on 6/11/2012
    Inspite of all of the high tech gadgets, gizmos and what-cha-ma-call-its around for our comfort and joy, the dog still remains man's best friend. Loyal to a fault, the dog has been known to save lives, ...more
  • The Power of Children's Books
    By Meredith Veatch
    Last Edited on 6/8/2012
    I read a lot. It’s not too surprising given my profession. Usually I’m reading two or three books at the same time. So it’s also not too surprising that I often forget almost everything about a book within ...more
  • A Visual Feast in the Graphic Canon
    By Becky Hass
    Last Edited on 6/6/2012
    Think about the first piece of literature you ever loved. What did it look like in your mind’s eye? Three years ago editor Russ Kick made a wish list of tales from world literature and went about contacting ...more
  • As Seen On TV
    By Roswell Encina
    Last Edited on 5/30/2012
    Summer is wonderful in so many ways: Laying on the beach, hiking and camping in the mountains or just lounging in your back yard or front porch. One of the best things about these summer activities you ...more
  • Take a Journey through the Forest of Hands and Teeth
    By Anjanette Wiggins
    Last Edited on 6/4/2012
    When one thinks of a novel about a zombie apocalypse, typically, the picture that comes to mind is a band of gun-strapped survivors hiding in abandoned shopping malls while battling zombies on empty streets. ...more