• The Library's Yearbook Collection is a Trip Down Memory Lane
    Caprice DiLiello, Acting Manager of the Maryland Department
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    Remember that awful perm you had in 11th grade? Do you still think about your favorite high school teacher and know that you could never have passed calculus without her help? And what about that old flame ...more
  • Libraries Serving Nonprofits: A Grants Collection Story
    By Paul Chasen
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    As individuals, we have our various reasons for visiting a public library: borrow a copy of the latest James Patterson novel, find the required amount of articles for your research assignment, or meet ...more
  • A Viral Bathtub Story & A Dry Martini: Mencken Day is Sept 7
    By Jackie Watts, Guest Blogger
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    Just about everybody knows that Millard Fillmore was a clean politician. After all, he’s the president who installed the first bathtub in the White House. And how do we know that? It’s general knowledge. ...more
  • A Stitch in Time: Replicating the Star-Spangled Banner
    By Diana Geis
    Last Edited on 8/30/2013
    In early July of 1813, Mary Pickersgill signed the contract and began creating the flag that would be raised over Fort McHenry and inspire Francis Scott Key to compose the words to our national anthem, ...more
  • Muckrakers in the Stacks
    By Lisa Greenhouse
    Last Edited on 6/7/2013
    When we think of famous investigative journalists, writers such as Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who investigated the Watergate Scandal, might come to mind. Or we might remember that Seymour Hersh uncovered ...more
  • 150 Years Ago This Week in the Civil War
    By Lisa Greenhouse
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    Bullying, bed bugs, disputed elections, prisoners held without Habeas Corpus, warnings that the End Times are near at hand: these things sound like the stuff of contemporary newspaper headlines, but they ...more
  • Celebrating the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf Launch
    By Becky Hass
    Last Edited on 5/14/2013
    The Enoch Pratt Free Library’s Reisterstown Road Branch was awarded the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf grant, one of only eight grants awarded in Maryland. The Muslim Journeys Bookshelf is a project of the ...more
  • Anatomy of the Poe Collection
    By Sarah Gearhart, Volunteer in Special Collections
    Posted on 5/13/2013
    Many of the books I handle in my volunteer job in Special Collections are "tender" (their bindings are loose) and some are "cocked" ("usually caused by either reading the book, or stacking cases of beer ...more
  • 10 Answers to eBook and eReader FAQs
    By Anjanette Wiggins
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    Since early 2011, the Pratt Library has offered customers presentations about eBooks and eReaders. Yet, as digital reading technology continues to evolve, people still have plenty of questions. Though ...more
  • Listening at the Library
    By Meredith Veatch
    Last Edited on 4/8/2013
    A few weeks ago I visited my optometrist because I’d been getting a lot of headaches, and I wondered if I needed a new prescription for my glasses. The good news is I don’t need new glasses. The bad news, ...more
  • Bicycles in Bloom
    by Brian Manning
    Last Edited on 4/4/2013
    Well, it’s spring time, and for many people it’s time to dust off the old bicycle and hit the road for some jovial jaunts and freewheeling flings. But before you hop on your bicycle and start peddling ...more
  • Exhibiting An Original Lincoln Document at Central Library
    By Michael Johnson
    Posted on 2/21/2013
    Last Tuesday (February 12) was Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, and in celebration we decided we wanted to try something new. The Library has always been lucky enough to have gracious supporters, and over the ...more
  • Year in Review: 2012 Digital Projects
    By Jessica Keyes
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
  • Imagery as Narrative: Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony
    By Anjanette Wiggins
    Last Edited on 12/11/2012
    As a Young Adult Services Librarian, I spend much of my time reading teen literature. I always enjoy coming across a book that introduces a new reading experience, apart from the typical fare. So, imagine ...more
  • Politics Not As Usual: My Top Ten Favorite Political Films
    By Brian DeLuca
    Last Edited on 11/29/2012
    What is the cure for too much politics? Why more politics, of course! Or at least some really great films about politics. With the recently-released "Lincoln" and "Argo" playing at your local multiplex, ...more
  • Did the English and Wampanoag Really Eat Pumpkin Pie? A Brief Look at Thanksgiving's Origins
    By Claire Wang
    Last Edited on 11/20/2012
    On this Thanksgiving Eve, many of us are preparing to gather around the centerpiece of this beloved tradition: food. Although no two Thanksgiving menus are exactly identical—regional fare such as sauerkraut ...more
  • Friendship: The Story Behind Baltimore's First Airport
    By Jeff Korman
    Posted on 11/7/2012
    While waiting in line to pass through security at BWI Thurgood Marshall International Airport last week I gave some thought to the evolution of our busy, ultra-modern airport. I go way back with this place. ...more
  • Charting the Central Library: Explore our Maps Collections
    By Brian Manning
    Last Edited on 10/23/2012
    Why do we look at maps? To see where we’ve been? To locate where we are? To see where we’re going? Or to see where we have not (yet) been? ...more
  • In Pursuit of a Hobby: Relieve Stress and Enjoy Your Leisure Time
    By Marilyn Jones
    Last Edited on 10/22/2012
    A hobby is an excellent thing to pursue when you have leisure time. A hobby helps to relieve stress and it can keep both the body and mind active. ...more
  • Really Old Greeting Cards Are Cool
    By Michael Johnson
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    Let’s be honest, some of the things we do at work are done because we’re deeply interested in the topic and some things are just done. We’ve got work to do, and not everything can always be absolutely ...more
  • Pratt Contemporaries Celebrate Banned Books
    By Roswell Encina
    Last Edited on 10/16/2012
    What do Harry Potter, Holden Caulfield, Jay Gatsby, Atticus Finch and Christian Grey have in common? All are characters from banned and challenged books. ...more
  • Judging Books by their Covers
     By Meredith Veatch
    Last Edited on 10/9/2012
    It’s well known that you should never judge a book by its cover. Usually when people say this, they’re not actually talking about books. Unless you’re in the library, in which case they’re almost certainly ...more
  • Maryland Yearbooks are in Demand
    By Jeff Korman
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    Each month the managers of the subject departments at Pratt review the number of times the web the pages linked to their sites are viewed. In the Maryland Department popular pages include our guides on ...more
  • More than Pooh: The A. A. Milne Story
    By Ann Weller Dahl
    Posted on 9/21/2012
    Mention the name "A.A. Milne" (1882-1956) and it’s a safe bet that most readers of a certain age will respond, Winnie-the-Pooh. They would be quite correct, having probably been raised, as was I in the ...more
  • Living With Henry, And Waltzing With David: Mencken Day 2012
    By David Donovan and Ryan O'Grady
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    I was born in the northeast of the USA and so H. L. Mencken was somewhat of a mystery to me when I moved to Baltimore six years ago. Working at the Enoch Pratt Free Library, every day I have the privilege ...more
  • Avast! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day
    By Bloody Sam O’Grady and Captain Jenny Vane
    Last Edited on 9/19/2012
    Ahoy! Did you know that September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Aye! You didn’t know there was such a thing as Talk Like a Pirate Day? Believe it or not, there’s pretty much a day to celebrate ...more
  • Rise of the Undead: Zombies in Nonfiction
    By Anjanette Wiggins
    Last Edited on 10/18/2012
    New books about zombies and hordes of the undead seem to appear nearly every week. They are in popular fiction, re-imagined classics such as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, graphic novels, and even children’s ...more
  • Reclaiming Identity: An Antietam Unknown Is Laid to Rest
    By: Claire Wang
    Last Edited on 9/17/2012
    The Battle of Antietam was the first major engagement in the American Civil War to take place on Union soil. It was also the bloodiest day in the entire four-year conflict. When the guns on both sides ...more
  • Event: Celebrate the Sage of Baltimore on Mencken Day
    By Vince Fitzpatrick, Curator of the H.L. Mencken Collection
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    Truth would quickly cease to be stranger than fiction, once we got as used to it.— H.L. Mencken ...more
  • Going Graphic! The Pratt Library Receives Graphic Novel Gift
    By Roswell Encina
    Last Edited on 9/5/2012
    The Enoch Pratt Free Library received a generous gift from the Small Book Expo on Tuesday: $5,000 worth of graphic novels for all ages. This wonderful gift includes 240 books compromising of 40 graphic ...more
  • War Posters Collection
    By Michael Johnson
    Last Edited on 8/29/2012
    One of my favorite collections at the Pratt is the War Posters Collection. Not being a war buff, and not being any kind of expert on early 20th century history, it surprised me a bit at how much I liked ...more
  • Urgh! Two Perfectly Overdone Rockumentaries
    By Tom Warner
    Last Edited on 8/8/2012
    On August 11, the Central Library will host a special 30th anniversary screening of Urgh! A Music War (1982), director Derek Burbidge’s cult concert film that many consider the best-ever "Rockumentary." ...more
  • Sheroes at The Library: Women of Strength and Courage
    By Marilyn Jones
    Last Edited on 8/1/2012
    The Merriam Webster Online Dictionary defines the word shero as "a woman regarded as a hero" and the word hero as "a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities." Most of us can rattle off a list ...more
  • 2012 Olympics: Baltimore was a contender!
    By Jeff Korman
    Last Edited on 7/27/2012
    Opening ceremonies at the London Olympics are almost upon us. I'm a big sports fan but admit that I don't look for the latest news in water polo, equestrian or pentathlon when I open the sports pages of ...more
  • New App: Explore Baltimore Heritage
    By Michael Johnson
    Last Edited on 7/23/2012
    The Pratt Library and several other local institutions have been working with Baltimore Heritage the last several months on an exciting new project. Their new Explore Baltimore Heritage app and website ...more
  • Adventure is Worthwhile in Itself: The Ongoing Search for Amelia Earhart
    By Claire Wang
    Last Edited on 7/19/2012
    Nikumaroro, an island fragment of the Republic of Kiribati in the central tropical Pacific Ocean, doesn’t receive many visitors. This month, however, the uninhabited coral atoll became the focus of a privately-funded ...more
  • The Trial of the Century? Not OJ. Not the Manson gang.
    By Jackie Watts, Menckeniana Editor
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    The State of Tennessee v. Scopes, which began on July 10, 1925, was the first trial subjected to the massive burden of worldwide attention. Before the formation of any of America’s three major broadcast ...more
  • The Most Glittering Kind of Poetry: 3 Ways to Experience The Bach Cello Suites
    By Jessica Keyes
    Last Edited on 7/12/2012
    The Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello by J.S. Bach represent some of the finest, most rapturously beautiful music ever composed for solo instrument. They are among the most performed solo repertoire, ...more
  • Reels at the Pratt: 5 Must-See 16mm Films
    By Tom Warner
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    Last month, the Windup Space in Station North hosted “Sights & Sounds from the Vaults,” an evening of experimental film classics culled from the 16mm film collection of the Enoch Pratt Free Library. The ...more
  • Video: Four Collections DIY Musicians Must See
    By Ryan O’Grady
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    The Pratt library has a wide variety of sheet music available for your perusal. In order to showcase our collection and provide a visual representation of the breadth and depth of what we have, we made ...more
  • Why Try YA?
    By Liz Sundermann
    Last Edited on 6/27/2012
    Have you read The Hunger Games books or are you someone who wonders why your friends are scrambling to find a series written for teens? Teen fiction is the fastest growing segment in the publishing industry, ...more
  • Researching Beer at the Pratt
    By Michael K Johnson
    Last Edited on 8/23/2012
    I’ve been helping a couple researchers find things about beer this week. Mostly about the history of brewing, social customs, where people drank (everywhere), what people drank (everything) and whether ...more
  • Mysteries at the Museum: The Pratt on the Travel Channel
    By Jeff Korman, Librarian, Maryland Department
    Last Edited on 7/5/2012
    It is always an honor to be asked to speak about Edgar Allan Poe and the wonderful collection of Poe documents that are held in the Pratt Library. In January, I spent half a day being interviewed and ...more
  • Pratt Gives Visitors the Silent Treatment
    By Tom Warner
    Posted on 6/15/2012
    2012 has been a banner year for celebrating the early days of motion pictures: Michel Hazanavicius’s black-and-white silent film, The Artist, won five Oscars (including Best Picture, Best Director and ...more
  • Friends School of Baltimore Seniors Volunteer
    By Tyler Lehmann, Volunteer
    Last Edited on 6/7/2012
    Every year, Friends School of Baltimore high school seniors end classes a month early to begin their Senior Work Projects. The Senior Work Project is a month long internship required for all seniors to ...more
  • Maryland's Veterans At Your Library
    By Jeff Korman, Manager of the Maryland Department
    Last Edited on 5/25/2012
    As Memorial Day approaches we take time to reflect on those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. In the Maryland Department at Pratt we are often asked for information about Maryland ancestors ...more