August 2013

  • A Stitch in Time: Replicating the Star-Spangled Banner
    By Diana Geis
    Last Edited on 8/30/2013
    In early July of 1813, Mary Pickersgill signed the contract and began creating the flag that would be raised over Fort McHenry and inspire Francis Scott Key to compose the words to our national anthem, ...more
  • Lunching and Looking Back at Groundbreaking Reads
    By Shaileen B.
    Last Edited on 8/28/2013
    An uncontrollable urge: that theme kept coming up in the Poe Room this past Saturday, August 24, when select winners of the Adult Summer Reading draw met to celebrate at a luncheon with Pratt Library CEO ...more
  • 9 True Tales of Adventure for Wrapping up Summer
    By Claire Wang
    Posted on 8/27/2013
    Although the summer is winding down, many people are squeezing in one more road trip or vacation, as evidenced by Pratt Library customers who continue to peruse the Central Library’s extensive collection ...more
  • The Poetics of Memory
    By Brian Manning
    Last Edited on 9/9/2013
    How is your memory? When it comes to certain things, my memory is like a steel trap; but otherwise, it’s more like a soggy noodle. I’ve always been impressed by my friends who can quote things verbatim, ...more
  • 9 Favorite Dragon Books, or Why I Read Fantasy
    By Meredith Veatch
    Last Edited on 8/23/2013
    In recent weeks, I’ve had several people tell me that they don’t like reading fantasy books. Since fantasy is the main genre that I read and enjoy, I naturally had a question for these people: "If you ...more
  • The Palace of Impossible Dreams: Altered Books Contest Photos
    By Melanie Jacobs, Light Street Branch
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    For the second year in a row, the Light Street Branch held an Altered Books Contest in conjunction with the Adult Summer Reading Program. The entries this year were phenomenal and showed immense creativity. ...more
  • Follow the Reader: 14 More Summer Reading Reviews
    By Shaileen B.
    Last Edited on 8/21/2013
    They read widely, they read eagerly, and they read with care. Here are 14 more insightful reviews from participants in the Groundbreaking Reads summer reading program. ...more
  • Farewell to Summer Reading 2013
    By Jessica Hoptay Brown
    Last Edited on 8/19/2013
    It’s been a pretty great summer full of reading and fun at the Pratt Library! Not only did we offer loads of great programming for kids from magic shows to live music, but we also saw lots of books and ...more
  • Outside of a Dog: 14 More Reviews from Adult Summer Reading Participants
    By Shaileen B.
    Last Edited on 8/14/2013
    "Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend," Groucho Marx supposedly said. "Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." Here are some books that were friends to 2013 adult summer reading participan ...more
  • What's the view from your book? More images #FromWhereIRead on Instagram & Twitter
    By Jessica Keyes
    Last Edited on 8/12/2013
    We've been celebrating Summer Reading on Twitter and Instagram with your photos of the books you've read and the views beyond. ...more
  • Rise and Shine for the Last Free Family Flick of the Summer
    By Ryan O’Grady
    Posted on 8/9/2013
    What film brings together The Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost, and Santa? Here’s a hint: the trio is part of the Immortal Guardians, a group that has vowed to protect Earth and the innocence of children everywhere. ...more
  • Behind the Scenes: the MILO Department
    By Brian Manning
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    The Pratt Library has a vast and versatile collection of material, making it a veritable forest of information in which to conduct research. However, the collection is not infinite (like a Borgesian library), ...more
  • 10 More Book Reviews from the Branches
    By Becky Hass
    Last Edited on 8/6/2013
    Summer reading has ended, but where did your summer reads take you this summer? Maybe it was Tokyo or France. Who did you meet? Ruth from the Bible or just a new appreciation for the loved ones in your ...more
  • Poetry & Conversation: Piotr Gwiazda
    By Kathleen Neil, Collection Management Department
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    While it’s August and some may be heading on vacations—to the beach or other well-planned destinations—on Wednesday, August 7th, Piotr Gwiazda, with poet Joseph Ross, will take listeners on a journey through ...more