June 2013

  • A Summertime Read: Delirium by Lauren Oliver
    By Anjanette Wiggins
    Posted on 6/28/2013
    Imagine a future when love is classified as a disease by the government. Deemed too dangerous to allow people to suffer the devastating effects of amor deliria nervosa, all eighteen-year-olds are required ...more
  • Pratt Profile: Frank Bagrowski is In Touch with His “Inner Archivist”
    By Lisa Greenhouse
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    Frank freely admits that he is obsessed... borderline OCD. When he sees an image that he likes, he has to have it. Other people might collect stamps or coins. Frank is a collector of images. ...more
  • From Mermaids to Medicine: Ten Reviews from Summer Reading Participants at the Central Library
    By Shaileen B.
    Last Edited on 8/5/2013
    From mermaids to dysfunctional families, from alternative medicine to The Simpsons, the participants in Groundbreaking Reads are reading their way through worlds of extraordinary variety! ...more
  • 20th Century Dinner Table Talk: The Big Three Newsweeklies
    By Lisa Greenhouse
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    How do we decide what to talk about around the dinner table, when we are not discussing the details of our personal lives? Although the number of newspapers with original national and international news ...more
  • Pratt Profile: Sights & Sounds Regular Dan the Music Man
    By Tom Warner
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    Dan is an articulate, classically trained musician who likes movies almost as much as classical music. Dan actually treats our "Staff Picks" as if they were Gospel: put it on display, and Dan will press ...more
  • Book Recommendations: Pride for All Ages
    By Stephanie Jarvais
    Last Edited on 7/16/2013
    Every year in the month of June, Pride Month is celebrated throughout the country. The way places and people celebrate varies, but many cities include a parade and a weekend dedicated to celebrating the ...more
  • One Librarian Breaking Ground in New Genres
    By Morgan Stanton, Southeast Anchor Library
    Last Edited on 6/18/2013
    2013’s Summer Reading for adults program is only a couple of weeks old but has been going on strong at the Southeast Anchor Library. If there’s one thing I like about working here it’s that I get to meet ...more
  • Read Down Your Fines During Summer Reading
    By Meredith Veatch
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    We're almost halfway through 2013, which means we've now been reading down fines for almost six months. At the Patterson Park branch, Read Down Fines started to take off after I visited a parents' night ...more
  • Adult Summer Reading Kicks Off
    By Becky Hass
    Last Edited on 6/11/2013
    Every summer has a story, and this year each location of the Enoch Pratt Free Library is bringing its own unique twist to the Adult Summer Reading Program.  ...more
  • Monster Saturday At The Library
    By Ryan O'Grady
    Posted on 6/7/2013
    Get ready for the prequel in style! No, this is not The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit—it’s a screening of Monsters, Inc. in preparation for the launch of the prequel, Monsters University, later this ...more
  • Muckrakers in the Stacks
    By Lisa Greenhouse
    Last Edited on 6/7/2013
    When we think of famous investigative journalists, writers such as Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who investigated the Watergate Scandal, might come to mind. Or we might remember that Seymour Hersh uncovered ...more
  • Groundbreaking Reads to Change Your Life
    By Eunice Anderson
    Last Edited on 6/5/2013
    Four summers ago we launched a system-wide adult summer reading program. It has provided a fun, exciting reading adventure along with chances to win terrific prizes. Each year the theme suggests an experience ...more
  • Digging into the Summer Reading Program
    By Jessica Hoptay Brown
    Last Edited on 2/15/2017
    Though the official summer season doesn't begin until June 21, we’re already "digging into" summer at the Pratt Library with the start of our annual Summer Reading Program! ...more